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Completing Green Consultants:
- Contributes to the Exeter Award and Exeter Leaders Award

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If you an employer please visit the employer facing Green Consultants webpage 

Green Consultants is an award winning programme designed to provide students with additional skills and experience required to work in the highly competitive environmental and sustainability sector.

As well as an interactive programme of learning to train you as junior consultants, you will gain practical experience through working on live business projects, with real clients within the University. There will also be an opportunity to apply your skills and experience in a relevant placement with an external organisation.

The interactive programme comprises of 3 key elements:

  • Training - 3 days of intensive technical and employability training in December (see below for dates)
  • On Campus Business Project - You will work in small groups to apply your learning to a real life project during the Spring Term.
  • Internship / Placement - You will be supported to identify and apply for relevant work experience with an external organisation over the summer*

So whether you are interested in developing policy, working as a consultant or influencing environmental credentials from within an organisation – Green Consultants can help you stand out from the crowd.

For the academic year 2019/20 we will again be training a number of students from both our Exeter campuses and welcome applications from students from all disciplines. Applications open on 23rd September 2019 on My Career Zone

For students at penryn Green Consultants will run in a credited module format GEO2449 for the 2019/20 academic year. The module is available to those studying Geography, Bioscience and some history and politics programmes. Please direct any enquiries relating to eligibility for this module to the PIP (Penryn Information Point) desk.

It all adds up! This Careers activity counts towards the Exeter Award and part of the Exeter Leaders award.

3-Day Training 

The three day training programme covers a range of professional competency (soft) and technical skills including:

  • Meeting Your Client
  • Auditing and working as a consultant
  • Developing a Project brief
  • Waste Auditing
  • Change management
  • Recommendations, Presentations, Results

The training days run from 9am-5.30pm each day and students will be required to undertake some work in the evenings to prepare for the final day presentations.

Many of these skills will also count towards your Exeter Award and Exeter Leaders Award.

Training Day map (subject to change):

On-Campus Projects

After the 3-day training has been completed, an on campus group project is undertaken with the University of Exeter or FXPlus (Cornwall) as clients. This project will be undertaken in the Spring term and each student is expected to dedicate 35 hours of their time to this over the course of the term. This group project allows you to put into practice what you have learnt during the training, working within a team of consultants.

As part of your on campus project you will be expected to set up a start-up meeting with your client, and will be presenting your findings back to them at the end of the project.

As the projects have live outputs to deliver we ask that students do not apply for the programme if they will not be able to fulfil the On Campus Project requirement.

Internships (and Beyond)

The Green Consultants programme does not automatically provide each student with an internship or placement. Due to the vastly different aspirations and constraints of each students we instead support you, via the CareerZone to secure the work experience that best fits your needs and the requirements of the programme.

The internship/ placement should last a minimum of 15 days (either as a 3-week chunk or spread out) and needs to have a sustainability or environmental focus; this can include working for a company that has a sustainability focus e.g. The Met Office, or working with a company that does not, but undertaking a sustainability related project e.g. The Firehouse Pub, Exeter undertaking an energy audit and recommendations. 

Green Consultant Trainees have been fortunate to have opportunities to complete internships and placements with a variety of great companies – some using our extensive employer contacts. It is a good way to put into practise the skills that you have developed over the training days and through the on campus projects.


Emma Collinson Graduate Green Consultant Profile

Hakeem Buge Graduate Green Consultant Profile



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Exeter Award                       

Effective Applications

The Green Consultants program is very competitive so you need to ensure you submit your best application - making sure that you stand out from the crowd. Subsequently it is recommended that you book on and complete an “Effective application form” work shop bookable via My Career Zone. This will also count to your Exeter Award.

The Exeter Award

If you already have an Exeter Award account by completing the Green Consultants 3 day training program you will see that the following sessions will appear on your record:

Other Activities                                                            

  • Professionalism in the work place
  • Project Planning
  • Linked In Lab.

Personal Development Sessions

  • Effective listening Skills
  • Understanding Team Dynamics
  • Networking
  • Presentation Skills

The On Campus Student Project

For those of you with limited volunteer or work experience the 35hrs worth of work that you will do as part of your On Campus Project will allow you to allocate this time to the Volunteer / Work Experience section of the Exeter Award.

This mean that together with Effective Application form session, all you will need to do to complete the Exeter Award is the On Line Application Form and the Interview Experience.

If you don’t have an Exeter Award account

It’s really simple to set up, click on the link below and simply sign up and the sessions highlighted above will automatically appear on your profile.


Reasons why you should complete it?

  • It’s a talking point on your CV to show you have done extra activities over and above your studies
  • Exeter Award is the most rigorous award type in the top 10 University’s in the UK
  • Only 5% of students at Exeter complete so you will be in an elite group  – although it has the highest engagement figures of any award type in UK top 10.
  • Makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Employers are becoming increasingly aware of it.

Exeter Leaders Award

In addition to the Exeter Award elements, the Green Consultants program also recognises the following Exeter Leaders Award sessions which will automatically be added to your Exeter Leaders Award profile. Don’t worry, if you haven’t yet signed up for the Exeter Leaders Award (as you need to have completed the Exeter Award first ) the system will automatically allocate these completed sessions as and when you activate your account.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability

See more information on the Exeter Leaders Award


Am I eligible?

You must be a current University of Exeter student when you apply for the programme. We welcome applications from all disciplines and levels of study from first year to final year, undergraduate or postgraduate as long as you can demonstrate a keen interest in this subject area and dedicate the time required for all three elements of the programme. For Penryn based students within the College of Life and Environmental Sciences there is the option to take this programme for credit.

As the programme includes an internship or placement, you must have the right to work in the UK and provide your visa status and explanation on your application form. If you are called to the selection assessment session you will be asked to bring evidence of your right to work status.

To work in the UK you will need a National Insurance number. For more information on how to obtain one please go to: www.exeter.ac.uk/careers/parttimejobs/international

How to apply


Applications for the 2019/20 programme are via the following link:


It is important to note that information you provide on your application form will be shared with relevant University colleagues involved in the programme and FXPlus as part of the project matching process.

Every application form will be reviewed once the programme advert closes. After application forms have been reviewed students will be shortlisted and then invited to an assessment session on campus where the final students will be chosen. You will be notified if you have been called to an assessment centre or not.

The assessment centre will take place on October 29th 2019 at the Streatham Campus. These will be the only assessment centres delivered so in order for you to be successfully chosen for the programme you will need to be able to commit to attending the one relevant to your campus.

The application process is highly competitive and therefore only the best performing students will be selected for the assessment centre and subsequently for inclusion on the programme. Any students not successful in the application process will be offered feedback for their performance, and will be signposted to resources and support available. We recommend that you seek advice on your application from the Career Zone, before submitting it.

 Those students who have elected to undertake the programme as a module will also have to go through the application process. Further information will be provided by email so it is important to check your University of Exeter email account.



Please review the Green Consultants Q&A  for any other questions you may have. And for any further unanswered questions please email: greenconsultants@exeter.ac.uk.

You may find it interesting to research the Sustainable Development Goals for more information on the international sustainability agenda.