Education for Sustainability is most effective when relevant to disciplinary context. When developing the curriculum you may find it useful to consider subject specific topics and linked websites to professional bodies and NGOs.

Business School

Accounting for Sustainability


Carbon Neutral

Carbon Trading

Carbon Tax

Change Management

Cultural Diversity

Cradle-to-Cradle Design

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ecosystem Services

Eco tourism

Energy Security

Environmental Legislation

Ethical Behaviour

Environmental Economic Accounts

Environmental Auditing

Environmental Management Systems

Ethical Investment

Fair Trade

Fossil Fuel Dependency


Green Energy

Green Economy

Net Impact

One Planet Economy

Resource scarcity

Risk assessment

Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Tourism

Systems Thinking


Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Camborne School of Mines


Mathematics Physics

Ethical Mining

Rare Earth Minerals

Renewable Energy

Sustainable Mining

Biomimicry Design

Clean Technology

Cradle-to-Cradle Design

Environmental Management Systems

Flood mitigation

Water security

Climate Modelling

Climate Change

Global Warming



Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Fusion

Materials Innovation (e.g. Graphene)



Cultural diversity

Cultural Ecology



Eco literature


Emerging Language of Global and Environmental Change

Environment and Identity

Ethical behaviour

Identities & place

Nature writing

Non-violent communication

Past Environments

Sustainable Futures

Systems Thinking

Life and Environmental Sciences 
Biosciences Geography Geography Psychology Cross Disciplinary Sport & Health Sciences

Biodiversity, Protection/loss of

Carbon Capture


Genetic Modification

Migrations, animal


Agenda 21

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Capture

Carbon Cycle

Climate Change Refugees

Climate Change Mitigation

Desertification / Deforestation

Energy policy

Environmental auditing

Environmental Management Systems

Energy security

Future proofing

Gaia Theory

Global Village

Greenhouse gases

Millennium Development Goals

NIMBYism / Public Engagements

Rising Sea levels

Risk Assessment

Soil erosion

Transition Movement


Behavioural change

Climate Psychology

Mental Health (Ecominds)

Climate Change


Ecosystem Services


Blue Gym/Green Gym

Healthy lifestyles


Social Sciences and International Studies

Agenda 21

Conflict resolution

Development Education

Earth Charter

Earth Charter and International Law

Eco-islam / Green Deen



Energy Security

Education paradigms for sustainability and global citizenship

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Law

Environmental policy


EU Environmental Legislation

Food Security/Water Security

Global Citizenship Education

Human Rights

Interfaith Dialogue

International Law and Treaties

Peace Studies 


Exeter Medical School

Blue Gym/Green Gym

Climate Psychology

Green Nephrology

Mental Health (Ecominds)

Occupational Science and Sustainability

Sustainable Health Care