Environmental compliance

The University is required to comply with all applicable Environmental Legislation and other requirements to which we subscribe. A Register has been developed which summarises all of the relevant legislation and requirements that apply to us, and what we must do to comply with them. This Register is updated regularly.

To support the development of the Register, we also subscribe to the Legislation Update Service to ensure we get regular updates and access to the latest guidance. If you would like access to the service please email the Sustainability Mailbox.


The Environment Agency has written a range of Pollution Prevention Guidance Notes (PPGs) which gives advice on the law and good environmental practice, to help reduce environmental risks from business activities.

Applicable Exemptions

CodeTitleRegistrationRegistration DateExpiry Date
 U3 Construction of entertainment or education installations  WEX089354
16/03/2017 15/03/2020
 U4 Burning of waste as a fuel in a small appliance   WEX001646 04/04/2016 03/04/2019 
 U8 Using waste for a specified purpose  WEX089354 16/03/2017 15/03/2020
 U10 Spreading waste to benefit agricultural land  WEX057808 14/09/2016 13/09/2019
 U11 Spreading waste to benefit non-agricultural land  WEX001646 04/04/2016 03/04/2019
 U12 Using Mulch  WEX001646 04/04/2016 03/04/2019
 U13 Spreading plant matter to provide benefits  WEX001646 04/04/2016 03/04/2019 
 U14 Incorporating ash into soil   WEX001646 04/04/2016  03/04/2019 
 T4 Preparatory treatments such as baling, sorting, shredding   WEX137742
12/07/2018 11/07/2021
 T6 Treating waste wood and waste plant matter by chipping, shredding, cutting or pulverising  WEX083107    23/01/2017 22/01/2020
 T10 Sorting Mixed waste   EPR/GF0407NQ/A001 19/12/2015 18/12/2018 
 T12 Manually treating waste  EPR/GF0407NQ/A001 19/12/2015 18/12/2018
 D1 Depositing waste from dredging inland waters  WEX001646 04/04/2016 03/04/2019
 D4 Depositing agricultural waste consisting of plant tissue under a plant health notice  WEX001646 04/04/2016 03/04/2019
 D8 Burning waste at a port under a plant health notice  WEX001646 04/04/2016 03/04/2019
 S1 Storing waste in secure containers  WEX099362 21/06/2017  20/06/2020
 S2 Storage waste in a secure place  WEX099362 21/06/2017  20/06/2020
NWFD2 Temporary storage at the place of production  Not needed    

Non Applicable Exemptions:


U1 Use of waste in construction
U2 Use of baled end-of-life tyres in construction
U5 Using biodiesel produced from waste as fuel
U6 Using sludge to re-seed a waste water treatment plant
U7 Using effluent to clean a highway gravel bed
U9 Using waste to manufacture finished goods
U15 Pig and poultry ash
U16 Using depolluted end-of-life vehicles for parts
T1 Cleaning, washing, spraying or coating relevant waste
T2 Recovering textiles
T5 Screening and blending waste
T8 Mechanically treating end-of-life tyres
T9 Recovering scrap metal
T11 Repairing or refurbishing waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
T13 Treating waste food
T14 Crushing and emptying vehicle waste oil filters
T15 Treating waste aerosol cans
T16 Treating waste toner and ink cartridges
T17 Crushing waste fluorescent tubes
T18 Using flocculants to remove water from waste
T19 Physical and chemical treatment of waste edible oil and fat to produce biodiesel
T20 Treating waste at a water treatment works
T21 Recover waste at a waste water treatment works
T24 Anaerobic digestion at premises used for agriculture and burning resulting biogas
T25 Anaerobic digestion at premises not used for agriculture and burning resulting biogas
T26 Treatment of kitchen waste in a wormery
T27 Treatment of sheep dip using organophosphate-degrading enzyme
T28 Sort and denature controlled drugs for disposal
T29 Treatment of non-hazardous pesticide washings by carbon filtration for disposal
T30 Recover silver
T31 Recover monopropylene glycol from aircraft antifreeze fluids
T32 Treatment of waste in a biobed or biofilter
T33 Recover central heating oil by filtration
D2 Depositing waste from a railway sanitary convenience
D3 Depositing waste from a portable sanity convenience
D5 Depositing waste samples for testing or analysis
D6 Disposal by incineration
S3 Storing sludge
NWFD3 Temporary storage of waste at a place controlled by the producer
NWFD4 Temporary storage at a collection point