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‌Green Exeter is an exciting new accreditation scheme that helps colleagues green their work areas. The scheme has been developed by our Sustainability Coordinator network and builds on the success of Green Impact. The Green Exeter scheme helps departments ensure that their operations are carried out in a way that is compliant with environmental legislation, prevents pollution, is resource efficient and minimises emissions. 

Teams work through the Green Exeter Management Tool. This is built around the "Plan, Do, Check, Act" model and aligns with our ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification. The scheme aims to help you embed environmental sustainability into your department’s activities in a way that is specific to your operations.

For more information please contact the Climate Emergency Mailbox.

At the moment Green Exeter is only available on Exeter campus. To participate on Penryn campus, please see the Green Impact page.

How does Green Exeter work?

There are three stages to the scheme. At the end of each, a verification check is undertaken and accreditation awarded. The three stages are:-

Starting the Journey: All teams need to register with the scheme to get access to the toolkits and resources. In order to participate, the registration will need to be accompanied by a “Green Exeter Commitment statement” which should be completed by signed by your Senior Manager Sponsor. All new teams can request a one-hour “Getting Started” workshop with the Environment and Sustainability Adviser.

Essentials: Everyone at Exeter should be carrying out their activities in such a way that they meet environmental regulatory requirements and internal standards. By completing the Essentials element everyone will understand their environmental role and will have structures in place to meet these requirements. The Essentials section is about People and Planning.

Exemplar: An exemplar department is one that has all of the essentials in place and is delivering their environmental action plans. The Exemplar section is about Doing. Exemplars will realise a percentage score so you can demonstrate year on year improvements. Once you have reached your percentage target, we will simply carry out a health check on an annual basis to maintain your Exemplar status.

What do teams get out of the scheme?

By participating in Green Exeter your team will:

  • ensure your department is compliant with all environmental legislation
  • support “Our Strategic Plan 2016-2021” by helping to make the most of our resources.
  • contribute to meeting the University's values
  • help deliver our 2020 environmental targets
  • gain recognition for taking environmental action 
  • meet the requirements for sustainability related funding bids and demonstrate that you are "walking the talk"
  • find local solutions to local environmental issues

What support is available? 

Support is available to teams throughout the scheme and includes:-

  • Comprehensive Scheme Handbook
  • 'Getting Started' workshop
  • The Green Exeter Management Tool and Totaliser
  • Green Survey
  • Media Pack
  • Green Consultant Support 
  • Access to the Green Exeter Zone 
  • Green Resources 
  • Waste Check
  • Waste and Energy Data 
  • Data Hub 
  • Training 
  • Posters and Guidance
  • Verification Feedback



Getting Started

Teams need to register with the scheme in order to participate. Registration to the scheme will need to be accompanied with a Green Exeter Commitment Statement, ‌ideally signed by a Senior Management Sponsor. 

Once registered, teams will gain access to the Green Exeter toolkits and resources and can request an hour-long "Getting Started" workshop with the Environment and Sustainability Adviser. 


The essentials stage of the scheme is all about People and Planning

To reach Essentials accreditation, teams will be using the Green Exeter framework to improve standards and embed sustainability into their daily operations. 

There are 10 action areas for the Essentials stage:-

  • Leadership
  • Integration
  • People
  • Compliance
  • Incident Reporting and Response
  • Planning 
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Policy
  • Reporting and Review


The Exemplar stage of the scheme is all about Doing

An Exemplar team is one where all of the Essentials are in place and everyone is delivering on the team's environmental action plan. 

Exemplar teams are given a percentage score to track their year-on-year improvements. Once the percentage target is reached, an annual health check will be carried out to maintain the Exemplar status . 

There are 8 action areas for the Exemplar stage:-

  • Energy
  • Resource Use
  • Procurement
  • Innovation and Influence 
  • Waste
  • Travel
  • Specialist 
  • Green Consultant 

The following teams have already signed up to the Green Exeter scheme and are working towards their Essentials accreditation.

Team Name 

Team Lead 

Senior Sponsor


Business School Ophelia Lindley Matt Davey  Exemplar
Psychology Christine Soper Manuela Barreto Essentials
Student Employability & Academic Success Jen Hardwick  Dawn Lees Essentials
Earth Systems Science Anne Nicholls Tim Lenton Essentials
Student Information Desk Joe Levy Jodie Davies Essentials 
Egenis Chee Wong Sabina Leonelli Working towards Essentials
Geography Catherine Butler Stewart Barr Working towards Essentials
Halls of Residences Russell Hiscox Liz Mossman Working towards Essentials
Hatherly Laboratories Natascha Steinberg Charlotte Cook Working towards Essentials
Internal Communications Alison Ramsden Lindsay Aitken Working towards Essentials
Mathematics (Laver Building) Leo de Sousa-Webb Mark Baldwin Working towards Essentials

Safety, Health & Wellbeing 

Charles Harrison  Kate Lindsell Working towards Essentials
Sports Office  Chris and Cath Keirle Alison Davidson  Working towards Essentials
St David's Shop Emma Dibsdall Sarah Davies Working towards Essentials
Teaching, Quality Assurance and Enhancement Katie Orchel and Lena Worwood Roni Roberts Working towards Essentials