Get one week's travel free

Try a more sustainable mode of transport for a week and we will pay the price.

The University is offering colleagues a FREE week’s travel taster if they commute to work on the bus, train, bike or car sharing.

How does it work?

  1. You can start by discovering your travel options in your personalised travel plan.
  2. Choose a mode of transport you want to trial.
    1. Bus: We will purchase a bus pass for you to use for a week.
    2. Bike: We will pay for you to use a co-bike or hire bike for a week.
    3. Train: We will reimburse your weekly ticket (up to the value of £50).
    4. Car Share: We will give you a temporary car share parking permit for a week so you can take advantage of the car share parking bays across campus.
    5. Once you have decided which travel option you want to trial contact