Geoff Pringle (Acting Chief Operating Officer)

Campus Services Carbon Management Group

Everyone in Campus Services can assist in reducing the carbon footprint of the University, by managing and identifying areas of improvement such as heating, lighting and water. Residences alone use 40 per cent of the University’s energy.

The Campus Services Carbon Management Group was created to support the University Carbon Management Strategy and to ensure we have a green campus. The group are responsible for communicating actions and information within their areas and bring ideas and suggestions to the group in support of the University’s aim to reduce carbon consumption by two per cent per annum by 2020 and by 80 per cent overall by 2050.

I am absolutely delighted with the response we have received from Campus Services and the suggestions that have come forward, such as: 

  • Introduction of the 'You Turned Me On…So Turn Me Off' campaign in residences.
  • Investigate using Alkylate petrols, which are made from the cleanest form of petrol and contain less than one per cent of the amount of benzene found in normal petrol. It is made predominantly for use in strimmers, lawnmowers etc.
  • Investigate replacing diesel/petrol vehicles within Campus Services with electric vehicles.
  • Introduction of a food composter (rocket composter).
  • Use extra space in greenhouses for growing strawberries, lettuce, cucumber etc., to supply Refresh. Greenhouses would not need to be heated.
  • The Estate Patrol work regular nights and have been monitoring the University’s buildings to ascertain  the worst areas  for  excessive lighting  left on during out of office hours.
  • Giving every member of staff a carbon related role ie, recycling, composting, switching out lights.
  • Investigate ways of educating international students to assist them with the change in culture in relation to recycling. Residential Services felt that more could be done with the British Council and other international partners to improve this.

We all have a part to play in looking after world resources and protecting our environment for future generations.

Mike Brookes

Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Services Engineer (Property Services)

Mike has been working at the University for 18 months and comes from a background of engineering in developing electric vehicles for the automotive industry. Mike’s knowledge of the use of sustainable materials and skills drawn from his time working in the Ministry of  Defence help to steer the group in to knowing the viability of ideas brought to the group.

Phone: 01392 72 6199

Russell Hiscox

Assistant Residence Manager (Residential Services)

Russell has worked for the University since 2000. His role mainly focuses on increasing student awareness of reducing the energy use in the residences. Russell is a Green Impact team leader and has helped to roll the scheme out within other teams in the Residences. Russell and his team are currently working towards the Gold Award for 2011/12.

Phone: 01392 72 5286

Amy Jackson

Work and Compliance Administrator (Property Services)

Amy has worked at the University for three years. She previously worked for a housing company whose portfolio included work on sustainable and affordable housing. Amy helps to monitor the working performance of direct labour and contractors on site as well as facilitating the procurement of services. Amy and her team achieved the Silver award for the University’s Green Impact scheme and are currently working towards the Gold Award.

Phone: 01392 72 5592

John Ireland

Stores Assistant (Property Services)

John has worked for the University for four years. He has a construction and building surveyance background having previously worked as a geotechnical site investigator dealing with structural subsidence. John is the person who is in receipt of many of the University deliveries at Streatham Farm. He sees first hand how many of our suppliers can impact on the amount of waste  produced and what has a negative impact this has on the environment. John’s feedback and ideas will help when procuring and tendering business. The group is in consideration of John’s idea of converting University vehicles to LPG to help lower cost and emissions.

Phone: 01392 72 4567

Nick Denning

Second Chef, Reed Hall

Nick started work for the University at Crossmead Conference Centre in 1992 and now works in Reed Hall. Nick is committed to helping the Carbon Management Group make a difference by being directly involved in the Rocket Composter initiative and working on the Green Impact Award scheme. Reed Hall has already achieved a Green Tourism Award which has helped towards the University’s environmental goals.

Phone: 01392 72 4384

Alan Taylor

Estate Patrol

Alan has worked for the University for eight years and has an extensive knowledge of the University campuses. Prior to working for Estate Patrol he supervised the Night Cleaning Team. Alan is the eyes and ears of the group as his job naturally lends itself to being involved in all matters relating to the University’s buildings and environment. Through his role he is able to identify buildings and areas where there may be energy inefficiencies.

Phone: 01392 72 3999

Liz Mossman

Residence Manager, Holland Hall and Birks Grange (Residences)

Liz has worked for the University for nine years. She has over 20 years experience in leisure, hospitality and accommodation services. Liz and her team carry out a number of environmental initiatives within the residences and continue to seek new ideas to influence the thousands of residents who live on the campus to reduce the large amount of energy that is consumed in campus accommodation.

Phone: 01392 72 3762