Geoff Pringle (Acting Chief Operating Officer)


Dual Assurance

Environmental Sustainability is governed through the Dual Assurance mechanism. As its name suggests, this model involves two people. The first of these is a member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group, who takes responsibility for the management and development of policy in a particular area of business. The second member of the Dual Assurance partnership is a lay member of Council, knowledgeable in the same area, who provides assurance to Council that this activity is well-managed and that decisions have been reached following due process and appropriate consultation.

Under Dual Assurance, Geoff Pringle (Acting Chief Operating Officer), and Peter Lacey (Pro-Chancellor) lead on the development of the University's Environmental Sustainability programme. Responsibilities in this area include the delivery of the Environmental Sustainability Policy and management of sustainability risks, responsibilities, opportunities and continual improvement in performance at the University. 

James Hutchinson, College Manager the Business School, and Hugh McCann, Director of Estate Development Services, also sit on the group. Karen Gallagher acts as Coordinator for the Dual Assurance partnership.

Sustainability Advisory Group

The Sustainability Advisory Group supports the Dual Assurance leads in executing the University’s Sustainability Agenda through the provision of advice and guidance and to act as a consultative forum for the consideration and discussion of proposed sustainability policies, procedures and initiatives.


Environmental Sustainability is formally reported to the following each year:

• Council

• Vice Chancellors Executive Group

• Dual Assurance