The typical UK carbon footprint is 10 tonnes per annum, this may not seem a lot, but the target needs to be 2 tonnes per annum if we to limit global temperature rises from excess carbon in the atmosphere. It’s difficult to make change, but there are some simple adjustments we can all do which can make a BIG difference.

Consider what decisions you may face as a student and use the below chart as a guide for identifying some of the key areas which could make a large reduction in your footprint while you study with us.

1)      How you travel to/from University
If using high-carbon modes of travel such as flying, consider reducing the amount of journeys you make throughout the academic year, or if possible opt for a less impactful mode of transport such as international/national rail.

2)      How you commute
Emissions from commuting adds up significantly over time, why not choose walking or cycling instead? No carbon impact and it promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. Check out kiwi to visualise the impact of your commute in burgers, basketballs, and more!

3)      When to opt for reusable items
Coffee fuelling your studies? Make the small change to a reusable cup to be part of reducing the wastage of single-use products.

4)       Your diet
Phasing out animal products can cut your diet’s footprint by over 50%. Consider making small steps to reduce carbon intensive red meat. Check out the FXPlus Intro to Veggie/Vegan cooking podcast for some new recipe ideas!

5)       Which field course you select
Whether it’s a field course or a perhaps your summer holiday, consider the footprint of your travels and opt for an on the ground option where possible.