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Working with primary schools

Working with Primary Schools

We provide various opportunities for students across the UK throughout the academic year. To find out more information about each activity or programme see below.

Linked to the Great Science Share in June, Discover STEM is for Year 5 students to inspire and excite them about science. Delivered via two in school workshops and a Science fair around the Great Science Share, students will engage with student ambassadors, academics and researchers at the University of Exeter.

The in school sessions are focused around science research. Session 1 will introduce your students to the idea of scientific research and how to undertake it. Session 2 you have the flexibility to choose an area of science that you would like your students to conduct an experiment in. These sessions are an hour in length. This choice of subjects can be found in the list below:

1) Living things and their habitats, evolution and inheritance
2) Animals, including humans
3) Properties and changes of materials
4) Light
5) Electricity
6) Earth and Space
7) Forces
8) Computing

The final Discover STEM session takes place on-campus with a Science Fair at either our Streatham or Penryn campus, depending on school location, with the other schools that have been involved in the programme. Here the students will have the opportunity to present their research and take part in STEM workshops.

To find out more and to express and interest in taking part please contact us at

Our Graduate School of Education offers an exciting and comprehensive range of one-day activities for children across Key Stage 2, from Years 3 to 6, across the Autumn, Spring and Summer term. Our Primary Enrichment Programme aims to encourage and develop the progression, attainment and aspiration of school age pupils and is specifically aimed at engaging pupils who demonstrate a particular interest, skill or potential in specific subject areas.

The university is dedicated to support Looked After Children and provide aspiration-raising events for young people in care from across the region. We work closely with Local Authorities to offer bespoke opportunities for young people to visit and get a taste of university life. These events range from specific subject-related taster days to targeted age-related events.

These taster days are usually arranged and promoted through Local Authorities. However, if you have any care experienced students wishing to attend a taster day, please contact