We aim to develop long-term relationships with schools and colleges.

Our 'Return to Learning' activities are funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), part of the European Structural and Investment Fund 2014-2020 Programme in England.

We attend UCAS exhibitions and careers fairs nationally to talk to prospective students. 

We coordinate visits to our campuses giving students a chance to see what university is like

What we do

Our outreach activities are aimed at potential local and regional university entrants through our relationships with schools and colleges and include information and advice, subject specific activities and residential opportunities. Our aim is to build links with schools and colleges in the South West to encourage general progression to Higher Education, and specifically to Exeter for suitably qualified applicants.

The Student Recruitment Office and Academic Colleges work together to deliver a range of exciting events throughout the year to engage the next generation in higher education.

Fair Access

We are committed to attracting and retaining the best students irrespective of their background. As part of this commitment, our Admissions Policy seeks to recognise where a student’s educational background may have had an impact on their attainment, and to ensure that our processes support Fair Access to our degree programmes for students with the greatest potential. In cases where there is clear evidence that contextual factors have affected performance and achievement, and where the applicant is able to demonstrate motivation and potential to achieve, the University will consider this as part of its holistic assessment of the application and take it into account when deciding whether to make an offer and the level of offer to be made. This will be considered as part of a holistic assessment of an application which also includes the student’s actual and predicted grades, personal statements and reference.

Widening participation

Our widening participation activities are focused programmes intended to improve awareness, raise aspirations and support progression to higher education among under-represented groups in local and regional schools and colleges. We seek to build long-term relationships with schools that will support students through all stages of their education. 

The University of Exeter is running a range of free short courses and higher education information events between September 2017 and September 2018 for those who would like to Return to Learning. The activities will take place in a variety of locations in Cornwall and at the Penryn Campus. Their aim is to raise awareness of higher education and provide an opportunity to find out more about entering higher education, the courses available; meet support staff, academics and students; have a tour of the campus and a chance to explore the world class facilities. These activities are being funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), part of the European Structural and Investment Fund 2014-2020 Programme in England, and being delivered through the ESF Widening Participation through Skills in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Project.

Evaluation and monitoring

The Higher Education Access Tracker (HEAT) is a non-profit, national monitoring and evaluation service which the University of Exeter subscribes to.  HEAT targets, monitors and evaluates outreach programmes, and tracks students’ progression from school into Higher Education, and beyond.

Your students may visit us several times during their time in secondary education, giving them the opportunity to learn more about higher education. It is important for us to find out who visits us and how these activities impact their future progression. By collecting information about students who visit our campus we can ensure we interact with young people from a broad range of backgrounds and evaluate the effectiveness of our work.

For further information about the work that HEAT does please see their website.

Community engagement

Our community engagement activity is particularly focused on the city of Exeter and the towns of Penryn and Falmouth in Cornwall. We deliver a range of programmes involving other partners throughout the education community.

The Excellence Awards ceremony takes place annual at our Penryn campus to recognise exceptional young people from local schools in Cornwall. Our Community Day which takes place at the Streatham Campus offers local people the opportunity to engage with various activities on our campus to learn what the University of Exeter does. We also hold subject specific community activities throughout the year such as Science in the Square and Big Bang South West.

UCAS and careers events

We attend various UCAS events around the country including exhibitions and are able to provide tie-in visits to schools and colleges in the vicinity. We also attend careers evenings and events. If you are interested in these visits, please use our booking system to register your interest.

Visiting and open days

Opportunities for your students to visit us include open days and campus tours. We also offer online virtual tours of Streatham, St Luke’s and Penryn campuses.

It may also possible to arrange to meet an academic or current students from particular subjects depending on availability. If you have a student or group interested in a particular subject then contact our Colleges using our booking system to arrange a talk with an academic or a visit to their department.