Tasks to be completed before you start the course

(Note for 2020/21 offer holders - the offer holder pages will be updated with information relating to 2020 entry in the coming months.  Please use the information provided for 2019 entry as a guide only.  Offer-holders will be notified when these pages have been updated.)

There are a number of tasks described below that you are asked to complete prior to starting the course that form part of the taught course during the first few weeks of term.  Please complete everything that is asked of you and bring it with you on the first session.                              

Please access the following ‘Preliminary Experience School Based Tasks’ document before you do your preliminary experience:

Pack 1: Primary PGCE Preliminary Experience Tasks

Each task will enable you to make the most of your preliminary experience. These tasks should be well presented and filed carefully, as they will contribute to the evidence required for the award of your PGCE and will be checked by your pathway tutor.

If you are completing your Preliminary Experience outside England
 you should complete as many of the tasks and activities as possible. At the end of your experience, reflect on the observations that you have made in school. Consider how the particular national educational framework of that country influences what you have observed when compared to the statutory and advisory guidance issued by the English Government.

Please access the following ‘Introduction to the Curriculum Subjects and Initial Needs Analyses’ document below:

Primary PGCE Introduction to Curriculum Studies and Initial Needs Analyses

You will find an introduction to all the curriculum subjects along with an initial needs analysis for each area for you to complete in order for you to identify what you do not know or have forgotten so that you can revise/brush up on and complete some self-study exercises.

Pathway Leaders also have their own additional tasks, reading lists and general information to impart relating to the individual pathways.  Please click on the relevant link below to access the pathway-specific pre-course information relating to your pathway.

Primary Art Pathway
Primary English Pathway
Primary Humanities Pathway
Primary Mathematics Pathway
Primary Modern Languages Pathway
Primary Science Pathway
Primary Teaching & Learning Pathway