School Direct Distance salaried route

(Note for 2020/21 offer holders - the offer holder pages will be updated with information relating to 2020 entry in the coming months.  Please use the information provided for 2019 entry as a guide only.  Offer-holders will be notified when these pages have been updated.)

School Direct (distance) salaried route trainees are employed by a school as an unqualified teacher and are based entirely in schools for the academic year (except for one induction day at the St Luke's Campus on Friday 06 September). They are registered with the university but are not eligible for training bursaries and student loans and do not pay tuition fees. The Masters modules are delivered by distance learning, through two online 30-credit modules, plus other online tools.  Trainees are based in one school for the majority of their training but have a second school placement of at least 6 weeks.  Both placements are arranged by the lead school.

Trainees on the School Direct (distance) salaried route will receive pre-course information and tasks directly from their lead school, including details of the School Direct Induction Day at the University on 06 September which they are required to attend. 

Please click below for some suggested preparatory reading for School Direct distance trainees. (NOTE that this is not a reading list but a selection of texts that have been suggested as useful and interesting by PGCE tutors. Please select those that are appropriate for your own interests and chosen phase of training.)

School Direct (Distance) Preparatory Suggested Reading