School-based tutors

During placements, Exeter trainees benefit from the focused support of two School-based Tutors: a Principle Tutor who works as an expert partner, and a Mentor who develops and challenges the trainee's thinking about teaching in ways that can be used to enhance performance.

The Partnership office

The Partnership Office deals with all sorts of work related to ITE and the partnerships between the Graduate School of Education and schools.

School-based work placements

The trainees’ excellent achievement is a direct result of very high-quality and coherent training across the partnership. Partnership schools understand the provider’s high expectations and they make an outstanding contribution to trainees’ development as teachers. 

Ofsted Inspection Report 2010

Our partnerships with schools provide exceptional opportunities for School Based Work. You will be working within at least two schools during the course and all of our partner schools have specially trained mentors who will assist you in learning to teach. These colleagues are essential to your development as a teacher and will help you to develop both classroom skills and reflective and evaluative strategies. Together with schools we will provide you with opportunities, training and support.

The University is working with Teaching Schools and other partner schools to further develop and enrich initial teacher education and currently has partnership agreements with over 250 schools across most parts of the South West (Bournemouth, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Plymouth, Poole, Somerset and Torbay) giving you the opportunity to gain experience in a diverse range of classrooms.

While every effort is made to take into consideration personal circumstances that require trainees to be placed in a specific area, schools within daily travelling distance of Exeter are limited in number. Many trainees will be placed further afield for the whole of their school-based work and will need to find accommodation in that area.

As well as consideration of personal circumstances, we do all we can to ensure that the placements provide the most appropriate training experiences for each individual trainee.

Please feel free to contact us if you are a school who would like to apply to be in partnership with University of Exeter Initial Teacher Training.

As always, communication is excellent and always well ahead of deadline dates. Clear expectations are set in correspondence. Training is excellent in good locations. All personnel are highly professional, approachable and efficient. I really enjoy working with the University of Exeter!

Jill Stewart
ITE Co-ordinator, Estover Community College

Wearing full veils in school

If you are accepted on the course, the University will make reasonable efforts to find a school within the usual placement area. You will be required to comply with the placement provider’s policies, which may include dress codes. For example, some schools may have a policy on students wearing the full veil. Should you wish to wear the full veil and it is not reasonably possible for the University to find a school in the usual placement area that will permit this, you may instead suggest a school within reasonable distance outside the usual area (for example, London or Birmingham) in order to fulfil the placement requirements. You will need to meet any additional costs incurred either by yourself (eg accommodation) or by the University (eg additional travelling costs to observe/supervise in the classroom). Any such placement would need to be approved by the University as suitable for the course being undertaken.

Some schools may be happy to accommodate a woman wearing a full veil outside the classroom, but not inside the classroom and, hence, should you wish to wear it at all times you may experience limited career options. Please contact the Graduate School of Education at any point before or after your application/acceptance to discuss any concerns or queries.