Supporting trainees and NQTs in challenging schools

The University of Exeter has been selected to participate in a special pilot project which aims to enable trainees and NQTs to work and thrive in challenging school environments. The South West faces significant issues relating to rural and coastal isolation and socioeconomic disadvantage, and this project draws on the expertise of our outstanding ITT provision and the leading research of our Centre for Social Mobility to address the role that teachers can play in helping young people to achieve their potential. We will be working closely with pilot schools to develop a culture of supportive Mentoring which is designed to benefit both new and experienced staff.

As part of this project, we will be running a special enrichment programme for all interested trainees who enrol on our Primary or Secondary HEI-led PGCE courses in the academic year 2019-2020. This is designed to introduce you to the challenges relating to socioeconomic disadvantage, to explore research-informed teaching approaches designed to enable all pupils to succeed and to investigate some of the particular problems facing our partner schools. Students following this programme will be invited to apply to work in one of our pilot schools and will be offered extra support from university and school-based tutors.

NQTs who take jobs in our pilot schools in 2020-2021 will also be offered additional support from the university.