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Student-Led Anti-Racism

Following engagement with our community, the University Provost's Office has committed £25,000 for Student-Led Anti-Racism projects in the academic year 20/21.

The fund will support between 5-10 projects between now and 31st July 2021, with the funds able to be used for a combination of salary funding (via the student campus partner scheme) and other related costs such as speakers, catering, travel, and publishing costs.

Projects will need to demonstrate they have met the following criteria:

- The project will focus on anti-racism and inclusivity within the student journey

- The project will be collaborative in nature

- The project will be student-centric in nature and driven by a need identified by students.

Put simply, we are looking for students at Exeter who want to develop innovative ideas and approaches to enhance the anti-racism agenda both within the University community and beyond. 

A panel consisting of the following students and staff met on Friday 18th December 2020 to discuss the ten project applications received from students before the deadline.

The panel agreed to fund projects run by the following five student project teams: 

Alexandra Westlake, Rachel Appiah, and Sarah Hachem

We are a student-led initiative that aims to liberate the curriculum from western centricity and potential unconscious bias. We believe this has alienated students and produced graduates whose education failed to represent the diversity of society and academia. Inspired by the work of Penryn students and other universities, in addition to our own experiences, we have identified the need to open a new dialogue to create a catalyst for change on our own campus. This project will evaluate the Politics curriculum: analysing the consideration and inclusion of ethnically diverse academics and perspectives. We believe that education at the University of Exeter should reflect the diversity of its body, it is essential to create an academic space that embraces global thinking. For more information on the project, check out our Instagram account here: @decolonise.exeter.

Sundus Quereshi

Exeter University plans to establish a Policy Clinic. This clinic will focus on key areas of reform - providing students with the platform to engage with the real-world law and policy issues. As part of initiating the Clinic, our team is hosting a series of Immigration Policy seminars. These seminars will feature guest speakers delivering talks related to immigration law/policy. The Clinic also aims to touch upon areas that are either related to or directly influence racism. The aim of these seminars is to educate the students of Exeter about policy issues and provide them with a platform which they can use to get involved in policy reforms.

Hanife Hursit and Andrea de Jong


Rhianna Garrett, Nina Cunningham, and Manan Shah

Our project ‘Active Together’ aims to create long-lasting positive effects on the way Exeter students approach discussions about racial diversity within sports societies. We urge the student body to recognise both aggressions and daily microaggression towards students of colour and no longer accept silence as an option. Our mains goals are to provide compulsory diversity training for AU/Guild staff members, create sports inclusivity badges that establish a zero-tolerance policy on all forms of racism to provide safe spaces and promote the voices of students of colour in both sports societies and the university campus. It is essential to make students feel supported and secure when participating in activities that are so crucial to students physical and mental wellbeing.


Asha Ali, Clara El-Akiki, Mishaal Javed, Roman Ibrahim, and Arthur Dart