Future Meetings

We are excited to be hosting Professor Helen Walkington, Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Social Sciences and teacher of Geography at Oxford Brookes University. Helen won a National Teaching Fellowship in 2009. Her much quoted mantra "geography is learnt through the soles of your feet" highlights how she combines her passions for both geography and education. 


Please watch this space, and our other communication channels for your chance to book to hear Helen 

Unhoming Pedagogies: Curiosity, Collaboration and Interruption in Contemporary Literary Studies

Incubator fellow, Dr Natalie Pollard will be travelling to Manchester in June to present at the English Shared Futures Conference. Her project this year is exploring collaborative practices, with a specific focus on co-authoring and co-teaching with students. There are exciting works being created, which we look forward to sharing with you. 

Natalie and her co-presenter from the University of Plymouth, have had the following abstract accepted at the conference in June.


This session focuses on ways of being together as researchers and teachers that get 'outside' institutional space/thinking and cut through existing educative habits. How can we engage in modes of knowing that are nomadic, digressive, curious, dialogic and vulnerably between agencies - 'unhomed' - rather than treating knowledge as secure, uni-directional, domesticated, or easily graspable?

Exploring theories and activities that have to potential to activate anti-hierarchical and collaborative modes of research and teaching, we consider how to bring about ‘unhomings’ and 'interruptions' of knowledge structures and power hierarchies. We hope to provide a space for dwelling in complex moments of wonder, uncertainty, transformation and challenge, which offers a way of 'staying with the trouble'.

[This is for the conference strand on learning, teaching and pedagogy; it also touches on 'applied' literary studies/creative writing and social justice]

Join us in the Peter Chalk hub on the 6th July 2020.


The annual Incubator Cafe will take place on the 6th July. 

Once again we will use the World Cafe methodology to present Education Incubator projects.

You will have the opportunity to talk to current year fellows about their work, hear from past fellows, as their projects continue, and have a first opportunity to meet next year's fellows.

This is always an extremely popular event, allowing our Innovative Incubator Fellows to communicate their work, and inspire colleagues and guests. 

Come along to the annual Graduate School of Education Research Conference where you will be able to catch up on the progress of Education Incubator Projects, as well as hearing about the other fantastic EducationResearch that is happening at Exeter.

GSE research conference poster 2020

As we near the halfway point in the Education Incubator year we are delighted that this year’s Incubator fellows are presenting a series of Work in Progress sessions to let us know what they have done so far, and what they still intend to accomplish. The Project leads will update us on their work to date, and explain what they plan to do in the remainder of the year. Then there will be space for conversation about their project, their plans, and potential for collaboration, or increased impact.

Please come along and find out about the exciting work that is being done to enhance pedagogy at Exeter.

Dates for your diary:

Weds 12th February


Forum Seminar 3

Layal HakimThe Exeter Spectrum Project – read their blog for more information about this fascinating project which aims to improve the experience of students with autism spectrum conditions.

Matt FinnUsing video content to enhance student learning – Matts project aims to produce video content to support flipped learning in research design skills.


The Exeter Spectrum Project is holding a conference on Friday 31st July 2020 which is open to all who are interested in autism in HE, whether they are educators, researchers or students. 

Abstracts are being welcomed until 30th June 2020 - email to 

Contributions are sought in the following topics, or other relevant areas:

  • Supporting transitions, e.g. from school to university, or from university to workplace
  • Inclusive course and assessment design and delivery 
  • Understanding and embracing neurodiversity
  • Communication strategies
  • Socialising at university
  • Creating community and belonging

Poster for the conference


Previous Meetings

Matthew Rogers & Michael Leyshon presented a paper at the annual MeCCSA conference in Brighton. Designing for Inclusivity - Platforms of Protest and Participation 

Emma Taylor is presenting her APPLE form at the Advance HE Annual STEM conference 


The 'APPLE' form as a vehicle for the identification, development and articulation of student skills and attributes

Undergraduate students often find it difficult to extract transferable skills and attributes from their academic and extra-curricular activities or, conversely, to articulate these effectively for the graduate job market. We have developed the APPLE (Academic, Personal and Professional Learning Evaluation) form to address this issue, with students completing an ongoing reflection upon the most commonly-required employability skills and providing their current best evidence for each. This informs discussion with their tutor, who can use the form to signpost the student to development opportunities or mentor the student to evidence their skills more effectively, offering a more equitable tutor experience.

Incubator fellows have attended conferences, shared posters, and devised creative ways to communicate their findings.


Visit our archive to be inspired by the work of previous years' Incubator Fellows


Bursary Opportunities

If you would like support to attend a scholarship or pedagogy conference, please get in touch to discuss this.

Please email with details of your proposed conference and one of our Higher Education Project Officers will reply to you shortly.


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