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Undergraduate Study


9th in the UK for world-leading and internationally excellent research*

Distinctive interdisciplinary approach with philosophers, sociologists, and anthropologists working together in teaching and research

Flexible programme giving you opportunities to explore other disciplines

Opportunities to study abroad in Europe, the USA, Australia and elsewhere

Exeter is recognised for its distinctive emphasis on cultural sociology, science and technology studies, inequalities and the sociology of health and medicine.

You’ll benefit from a lively research environment as your teachers will contribute to current debates, giving you access to the latest thinking and resources.

Based in the department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology, our environment is unique. It allows for a productive fusion of the three subjects creating cross-over research domains. Students who choose to study BSc Sociology will also benefit from being part of the Exeter Q-Step Centre, which provides quantitative methods training in the social sciences. The Q-Step Centre trains students in data management, analysis and interpretation.

Sociology is unique in not only its breadth of coverage, giving me the chance to dip into a wide number of disciplines including Politics, Philosophy and Psychology but 

also the combination of these social sciences means that it really gave me an insight into the working of society and genuinely made me both question and look at the world a little differently in light of these social approaches.

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Sociology graduate