Mature students

At the University of Exeter we very much welcome applicants who may not have come directly from school or college, and who wish to return to education at different stages of their lives.

If you have not come directly from school or college, then you will not necessarily need to have the same formal academic qualifications, as you may be offering relevant work or professional experience that can be taken into account. It is obviously important that you have adequate experience, and/or qualifications, and you will be considered on your individual merits. You may be required to show that you have undertaken some recognised systematic course of study (eg, Access, Open University credits, or GCE A levels) within the last three years, or asked to produce a portfolio of evidence to confirm that you can meet the necessary requirements to cope with the rigour of an undergraduate degree programme.

All applicants irrespective of their qualifications or other experience who wish to study full-time should apply through UCAS. If you have any queries concerning entrance requirements, please contact the Admissions Office who will be happy to advise accordingly. Many applicants may be asked to visit the University so that we can discuss your application in more detail as part of an academic counselling session.

We fully appreciate that the decision to enter Higher Education as a student within this category can be a difficult one in terms of commitment and financial circumstances. We will endeavour to provide the support that you need to make the most of your time here and with that support and your own determination you’ll find the whole experience very rewarding.

For further information about applying as a mature student, please contact Admissions.