Engineering solves some of society’s biggest problems. It is a driver of social and environmental innovation; from designing intelligent infrastructures to handpicking the material properties of tomorrow's space-launch vehicles, no project can happen without engineers.

At Exeter we offer a range of exciting, practical and professionally accredited specialist degrees covering the major engineering disciplines.

You will spend your first year exploring all the core engineering disciplines, allowing you to identify your area of interest. Your chosen specialism will then form the basis of your studies as you delve into the subject in greater depth, leading to a degree at MEng or BEng level.

We collaborate with numerous major UK and international industrial organisations, as well as smaller companies, ensuring our degrees are relevant to the industrial and commercial imperatives of today, and to the needs of the future.

Our faculty crosses borders and encourages collaboration with scientists from across our College including physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists. We also have a dedicated student engineering society, ExEng, who organise social and academic events throughout the year.

Rianna Russell, MEng Materials Engineering, 2020

I like that Exeter has a general first year for all the engineering disciplines. It means that you get more rounded knowledge and a better understanding when working in interdisciplinary teams.

If I could offer any advice to future students it would be: don't worry about being out of your depth when you start the course. People come from many different backgrounds, with many different qualifications so the lectures makes sure that everyone has the same foundation knowledge needed for the course.

The lecturers are all academics working on various projects, and their passion for their chosen area of study comes through in their teaching. We have practical sessions which relate directly to what we're learning, allowing us to see and understand how theories are put into practice. We also have tutorial sessions, which involve working through problems with your lecturer or a PhD student. It is an opportunity to ask questions, and discuss in more detail the content that you're covering in lectures.

Rianna Russell, MEng Materials Engineering, 2020

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Majority of specialist degrees accredited under licence from the UK regulator, the Engineering Council.