Geography at Exeter explores the key issues facing contemporary societies and explains the relationships between events and their impact on a global scale. You’ll be encouraged to develop an understanding of human societies and natural environments. As well as learning about familiar aspects of the physical and social world, such as the environment, migration and resource management, you’ll consider the critical global issues and challenges of the 21st century which are likely to affect environments and societies in the coming years. You will encounter exciting fields of enquiry such as climate modelling, vegetation and rivers, satellite mapping, environmental change, climate change, biosecurity, refugee and asylum geopolitics, urban futures, development and health geographies.

We also teach you more than just geography: in the course of your degree, we will help you acquire and develop a range of transferable skills, including core academic skills, IT, personal and key skills, all of which are highly sought after by employers.

Geography in Cornwall

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Geography in Exeter

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