Modern Languages

  • Top 10 in all major UK university league tables for the subject
  • Top 200 worldwide rankings for the subject
  • Highly flexible degrees involving one, two or three languages
  • Study the cultures of Europe and beyond with academic specialists
  • Regular guidance in your choice of degree path tailored to your strengths and interests
  • Final degree title represents your choices eg, BA French, BA Spanish with Russian, BA Italian and Portuguese, BA German, Chinese and French
  • 4-year degrees with a well-structured year abroad which may be spent teaching English, on a work placement or in university study
  • Friendly and vibrant teaching and learning community


Modern Languages at Exeter is one of the leading centres for modern languages research, teaching and learning in the UK. Our department comprises seven major language areas: Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, and through optional modules you can also expand your study into other languages and cultures.

Our degrees offer a high level of choice, allowing you to focus on a main language and its culture, combine two or three languages (BA Modern Languages only), or study a language alongside another subject. You can tailor your degree to your strengths by taking up additional languages or specialising in a particular language area during your time here. You can also choose to focus your study on discovering the societies and cultures where these languages are spoken, or on studying languages and linguistics.

We place considerable emphasis on student support, especially for your year abroad. This includes preparation, information, support while abroad, and a range of modules tailored to the year abroad experience. We also involve our students in helping us to improve our programmes via Student- Staff Liaison Committees and the Student Engagement Scheme.

This combination of seven diverse language areas with shared aims and structures gives you the greatest opportunity to get what you want out of a Modern Languages degree; studying Russian or Chinese will open quite different doors from studying Italian or Spanish, but whichever language or languages you study, you will leave Exeter as a trained linguist, proficient in learning languages in context and engaging with other cultures.