What our students say

<h3>Isabelle, BSc Psychology</h3>

I love the variety this course has to offer. It provides an excellent grounding in many aspects of psychology such as clinical, biological, social, cognitive and developmental psychology. In the third year particularly there is lots of flexibility around modules, which allowed me to really tailor the degree to my interests. For example, my favourite module in third year was the Psychology of Gender, which I found really interesting and completely different to anything I had done before.

The assignments also come in a variety of formats, such as essays, critical reviews, reports, posters, thought papers and press releases. Practicing and receiving feedback on a variety of assignments has allowed me to develop skills that will be beneficial not only in the field of psychology but also in the world of work.

The highlight of the psychology course has been the opportunity to conduct my own research through the dissertation. There is a lot of flexibility with the dissertation topic, allowing you to choose an area of the psychology course that you have found the most interesting over the previous years of study. Proposing my own research question, finding a way to test this and analysing the implications of my results was a truly unique opportunity.

I am looking into jobs in marketing, PR and advertising for when I’ve graduated and I am doing some work experience at a PR company this summer.

Isabelle, BSc Psychology

<h3>Christopher, MSci Applied Psychology (Clinical)</h3>

The aspect I enjoy most about the programme is that I’m in control of my own education. With a range of resources open to me and engaging lecturers, I can strike the balance of independent study and being taught. Lecturers are very friendly and always willing to help, which means there is always someone you can consult and learn from. I have also really appreciated the chance to choose some modules outside of psychology.

One of the main reasons I chose the University of Exeter was the course. Not only is it an undergraduate Master’s degree, but it also incorporates work placements and allows me to get professional accreditation as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner. While there are other universities that offer similar courses, none in my opinion were as welcoming or friendly as Exeter, nor based on such a beautiful campus.

I think that my biggest highlight so far would have to be the hands-on experience in practical classes. One in particular that stands out was looking at MRI scans and identifying areas of the brain, which was both fascinating and rewarding.

Christopher, MSci Applied Psychology (Clinical)

<h3>Marie, MSci Applied Psychology (Clinical) </h3>

I really enjoy the content of the lectures and seminars on the programme, and the amount of support we are given by the academics and Student Services. This helped me achieve a first-class honours at the end of my second year.

As part of the Animal Behaviour module, we went on a week-long field trip to Margam Country Park in South Wales. I loved working directly with the animals and made significant friendships on the trip.

My experience at the University of Exeter so far has been really fun. I get involved in student life as much as possible. There are always new opportunities available and Exeter is in a lovely location close to green spaces and the ocean.

I would advise a fellow student considering the University of Exeter to apply for something they are passionate about, and get involved as much as possible with university life. For example, I am the Vice president of the Vegetarian and Vegan Society and a member of the Badminton, Bulgarian and Body Societies too!

Once I graduate I will get a job as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and consider further study.

Marie, MSci Applied Psychology (Clinical)