Budding News Blog

We have just finished grass cutting at Duckes Meadow Sports Ground using some new equipment and are happy with these results!  

We all know that we have the most beautiful University campus in the UK but now is your chance to vote for us at https://blog.holidaylettings.co.uk/most-beautiful-universities-campus-uk/  

We were very excited to host the UK & Ireland Tree Climbing Competition on Streatham Campus in September as part of the Arboricultural Association’s 51st Amenity Conference. Categories included Throwline Test, Fast Climb, Rescue Test and Work Climb on trees … Continue reading

The University of Exeter will shortly be carrying out work on the top pond at leat at the Hoopern waterways. The works, funded through donation, aim to improve water quality and biodiversity of the pond network including: Silt removal and … Continue reading

The University of Exeter Streatham and St Luke’s Campuses, fields and woodland areas contain over 10,000 mature trees managed by the Grounds Team and we are keen to show the amazing benefits of these magnificent trees. We recently undertook an … Continue reading