Grit bin locations


Our green grit bins can be found throughout the campus.

Location (A-J)Location (K-Z)
Amory front steps King Edward Street - beside car parking spaces
Birks Lodge (yellow bin) Knightly - driveway
Birks - dining building/Central Block reception entrance Lafrowda Flats - Block A
Birks - Block A entrance Lafrowda Flats - Block E, front
Birks - Block C, bottom courtyard, bottom of steps Lafrowda Flats - Block G, back
Birks - Block F entrance Lafrowda Flats - Block MA
Birks - Block G entrance Lafrowda Flats - Caldwell
Birks - Block L, side, bottom of steps Lafrowda Flats - Merrivale, front
Birks - Block M, alley Lafrowda Flats - top of long steps
Birks - Block M, bottom of hill Lafrowda House - front
Birks - Opposite Block K4 Laver - front
Birks - Ross House UPP reception, entrance Lazenby
Building:One - front Lemon Grove - Cornwall House side
Car park A - entrance/bridge to Innovation Lemon Grove - Lemon Grove side
Car park A - far end of car park Lopes - front
Cap park A - pathway to Laver (x2) Lopes - side door
Car park B - entrance to sand based pitches (x2) Main Reception - Piazza
Clydesdale House - entrance Mardon Hall - garden, training room entrance side
Clydesdale - Block A, entrance Moberly - side door to top path
Clydesdale - Block C, Clydesdale Avenue side Nash Grove - car park above Nash Grove A, top of steps
Duryard - top entrance (yellow bin) Nash Grove - C, entrance
Duryard - Kay House, bin store Northcote House car park
Duryard - walkway between Exe house (x 2) Northcott Theatre - front
Duryard House - opposite Dart Bridge Old Library (main door, chapel drive)
Duryard - Avon and Dart fire assembly point (Dart Bridge) Pennsylvania Court - bottom
Duryard - Bovey House, back alleyway Physics Building (x 1) and Physics car park (x 1)
Duryard - Creedy and Bovey fire assembly point Queens / Devonshire House overhang
Duryard - Creedy House, back alleyway Queens - quad entrance
Duryard - Creedy House bin store Ransom Pickard - rear
Duryard - Teign, bin store at back Reed Hall - visitors car park
Duryard - Teign flats F & G - top of stepped courtyard Rowancroft - bin store (near car park)
Duryard - Yeo, flat C - stepped courtyard Rowancroft - outside old house
Family Centre - gate Rowancroft - Porter's / Manager's office
Forum Piazza - north Rowe House - front
Forum Piazza - south St Luke's - entrance to swimming pool
Geoffery Pope, fire road S. Luke's - main entrance
Harrison car park / Innovation bottom steps St David's - Brunel Close, front
Holland Hall - Block F, entrance (by bins) St. David's - Kingdom Mews
Holland Hall - car park, Mardon Hill substation Stocker Road - bottom
Holland Hall - fire assembly point B (turning circle) Streatham Court - bottom of steps by poplars
Hope Halls - front Thornlea - front
Innovation Cafe - bottoms of steps / Harrison car park Washington Signer - Mood Disorder entrance
Innovation Cafe - top of steps Xfi - front
Innovation - car park, back entrance to left building Sports Park - outside Tennis Centre
Innovation - car park steps Sports Park - sports pitches (x3)
INTO - Stocker Road Sports Park - reception
James Owen Court - quad Sports Park - pavilion