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See images and more info about each of the event areas on our locations page.

Holding an outdoor event on campus

Freshers' Week 2019

Please note that we can no longer accept requests for events on outdoor grassed areas during Freshers' Week; the deadline was Friday 5th July.

The University of Exeter’s grounds are beautiful and can make an event truly memorable.  Staff and students are able to use the grounds for a range of outdoor events.  Most campus outdoor events are held on the hardstanding Forum Piazzas, which can be booked via The Forum Team.  

If you would  like to book an outdoor event on grassed areas, please complete the outdoor event booking form at least five working days before the event.

Photos and further details of these areas are available on our event locations page.


A – Grassed area by Peter Chalk Centre
B – Grassed area to the rear of the Northcott Theatre
C – Grassed area opposite the South Piazza (top of Poole Gate)
D – Ram Bar garden
E – Grassed area by Queens car park
F – Grassed area by Amory
G – Grassed triangle at the bottom of Stocker Road
H – Grassed area opposite Car Park A (old wildflower meadow)
I – Magnolia Lawn to the rear of the Xfi building
J – Lawn at Lopes Hall
K – Lawn at Duryard Hall
L – Grassed area behind the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies building
M - International Garden

You will be required to complete a risk assessment for each event at least three working days prior to the event.  If you do not have one prepared, please complete the Event Management Risk Assessment Tool.

Please also refer to the relevant information below when planning your outdoor event.