Booking a Mental Health appointment

The University of Exeter supports students experiencing mental health difficulties to access their learning and wider University experience. The Mental Health Pathway can meet with students to discuss the issues they are experiencing as a result of their mental health difficulties, and to consider possible reasonable adjustments as part of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

1. Please complete the below form to request an Individual Learning Plan appointment with the Mental Health Pathway. Please ensure that you have medical evidence which you are able to upload before completing this form. You are able to obtain medical evidence from your GP or another healthcare professional, e.g. psychiatrist.

2. If you already have an ILP in place and would like a further appointment with a Mental Health advisor to review your support, please email with the reason you are requesting this appointment. Please write 'Mental Health review appointment' as the subject of the email.

We will respond to you within 5 working days; if you have not heard from us within this time frame please call us on 01392 724381. You can also attend a Mental Health drop-in. If you require urgent support, please see our information here

  • If you have any queries and would like to speak to a member of staff in the Mental Health team before completing this form, please come along to a Mental Health drop-in or email  

Mental Health ILP Appointment Request Form

Before completing this form, please ensure that you read the following with regards to how your information may be shared with other staff within the University, and about declaring your health to the University - current students declaring a disability.



Medical evidence upload field
Please ensure you upload medical evidence with this form as otherwise you will not be able to submit the form. The evidence will need to contain the following details: 1) A diagnosis/working diagnosis of your disability/condition 2) How long you have had your disability/condition 3) The main symptoms of your disability/condition and if relevant, the medication side effects

I confirm that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and that I have read the document ‘Declaring a Disability or Health Condition’. I will inform Wellbeing Services of any change in my circumstances. I consent to my information being shared within the University in order for the relevant support to be put in place.