Prospective student online form

Please complete this form to let us know about any specific requirements you have whilst you are at university. Please ensure that you have your medical evidence or Post 16 Educational Psychologist report ready to upload before completing this form.

Informing us of your consent

Depending on your individual support needs your information may be shared with the following people as appropriate:

  • Your College
  • Exams Team
  • Accommodation and Estate team
  • Health and Safety Office

Please ensure you read the following with regards to how your information may be shared with other staff within the University - Declaring a Disability or Health Condition.


Please note: any correspondence we send you will be sent to the email address you used in your UCAS application (or your direct application if you didn’t go through UCAS). Please ensure this is your own email address and is up-to-date, as otherwise you may not receive important updates from our advisors; for example, if you applied using your college email address this may become deactivated in the coming months. Please click here for instructions on how to update your email address with UCAS.

If you declared your disability/health condition on your UCAS application, you will receive an email from us in early March asking you to fill out this form. However, please be aware that you do not need to wait to receive this email in order to fill out the form - the sooner we receive your information, the sooner we can start arranging your support, so please get in touch.


Medical evidence upload field
Please ensure you upload medical evidence with this form as otherwise we will not be able to process it. (Please see ‘Medical Evidence – Guidance’ on the previous page if you are unsure what you need to submit)

Health and Safety

Consent to liaise

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