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PTA Guidance for Managers

Contract and other employment FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Contract and other employment

The University is continuing to pilot the arrangements, to enable all parties time to fully evaluate the changes, and therefore initially contracts will be for a fixed-term of one year. This arrangement recognises that PTA teaching requirements vary from year to year based on student choice and student numbers, so it is only possible for the University to commit for the academic year. 


You must notify sickness as arrangements for other employees within your College as soon as possible.  For guidance on managing sickness please refer to the Managing absence Code of Practice.   Advice can also be obtained from your HR Advisor.

The work undertaken by postgraduate students is primarily related to teaching activities and this aligns to the Education and Scholarship job family.

Yes, subject to satisfactory performance, and subject to a minimum of six months’ service in the grade, increments are payable on 1 August each year up to scp 27. For further information on salaries and oncosts please follow this link: Salary Scales.

Yes, their continuous service from when they were issued their contract will apply in their new role (subject to any breaks between contracts).  However, they cannot continue to be employed as a PTA. 

University salaries are paid on the penultimate working day of the month.  The pay date may vary in December but a list of pay dates is confirmed at the beginning of each year.

Please note that we must have received their right to work documentation and new joiner details in order to pay them.  If they started working in September/October we need this returned to us no later than 17 October to make payment in our October payroll run.

If their start date falls on or before the 20th of the month, their first salary payment will be made in the month they join.  If their start date falls on or after 21st of the month, their first salary payment will be made in the month after they join, and this payment will be backdated to cover the period from their contractual start date. This also applies to people transferring from the claims payroll.


UK law requires the University to check that every worker has the right to work in the UK, and we are expected to conduct this check for each new period of employment.

If the student has previously provided their right to work documents AND they are still in date AND they have worked for the University in the last 12 months, we may not need to re-check their right to work documents. Please contact the HR team for further advice.

Students will accrue approximately 0.18 hours of annual leave for every hour they work and are paid for, and they are able to book holiday via the iTrent Employee Self-Service system.

Their annual leave will be recalculated on the 1st of every month, to reflect any additional hours they have worked and any holiday they have already taken.

You should ensure that students take their leave each year outside peak times in the area where they normally work. Annual leave may not be taken during term-time.

At the end of the student’s contract period, the University will review their accrued annual leave, and will pay them for any untaken holiday.