Dr Mike Weedon.

Dr Mike Weedon

Mike is a lecturer in bioinformatics at the Exeter Medical School. He is also statistics lead for the BClinSci degree.

Mike works on the genetics of human disease and complex traits. His areas of interest are diabetes and growth genetics. His major areas of expertise are: analysing genotype data; analysing microarray data; genome-wide association studies; all aspects of analysing next generation sequencing data, including targeted, whole exome and whole genome sequencing data.

Mike has been involved in microarray-chip-based large-scale genome-wide association studies, both at an individual study level, and through meta-analysis of studies in consortiums such as the GIANT (the Genetics Investigation of Anthropometric Traits) consortium – a study of >200,000 individuals with GWAS data. These studies have led to the identification of hundreds of loci influencing complex diseases and traits.

He has also been involved in a genome-wide association study using low-pass whole genome sequencing data (7X) from around 700 individuals to identify novel gene-expression and biomarker associations.

Mike also works on identifying causes of monogenic disease, with a particular focus on identifying novel genes causing maturity-onset diabetes of the young.