Mitigating climate risks in winemaking

Research by Dr Ilya Maclean delivers insights into the development of practicals tools with which you can safeguard your crops against effects of climate change.

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What is multi criteria decision making?

WISE CDT tackle the tricky topic of choosing a course of action in response to multiple and conflicting water infrastructure objectives, in the latest in the series of animation features.

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Researcher in focus
Dr Angus Jones

University of Exeter Medical School Clinician Scientist, Dr Angus Jones discuses the role of weight and age, in the diagnosis of diabetes and why Type 2 diabetes cases in Devon and Cornwall, reportedly, rise faster than the UK average.

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Partnership in focus
PenCLAHRC: Evidence based design

A pioneering partnership between PenCHORD and the Devon Partnership Trust have been using up to date computer modelling to dramatically reduce waiting times for mental health assessments.

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Group in focus

The Health and Environment Public Engagement Group helped shape a study on surfers' resistance to antibiotics. Find out why engagement is the key top high quality research.

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Experienced meditators needed for new study

PhD researcher Emily Hammond is investigating how mindfulness influences patterns of mind and the nature of experience. She is inviting people with an established meditation practice to take part in a brand new study on the features of conscious experience.

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