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Public Engagement with research

The University of Exeter is not just a place for teaching undergraduates - it is a place for research that tackles urgent issues that we all face today. To do this we need to engage with people outside the university to ensure our research connects with people’s lives, and is meaningful and relevant to society.

Our research takes place at across three campuses, six colleges and over 70 departments so public engagement with Research at Exeter takes many forms.

Patient and Public Involvement: Groups of patients and service users bring their experiences and expertise to guide research into health and society.

The Modelling Advisory Group Public Involvement and Engagement (MAGPIES) are a group of people from all sorts of backgrounds with a wide range of skills and experiences. What they have in common is a passion for public involvement in science and research.

Schools Engagement: Schoolchildren engage and interact with research and researchers to enhance their learning and careers, and benefit the research through new and sometimes unusual questions.

Community Engagement: Local people and organisations, or groups of people with similar interests and identities, help to create research projects that address urgent issues and pressing questions.

Public Events: Festivals, talks, workshops, exhibitions, performances and many other activities where publics can engage with and feedback on our on-going research.

Read more about our vision for Public Engagement with Research and how we plan to achieve it.

Shape and inform research at the University of Exeter:

  • The Health and Environment Public Engagement group, a public user group to engage with the University of Exeter’s European Centre for Environment and Human Health, based at the university’s Truro campus in Cornwall.
  • The Modelling Advisory Group Public Involvement and Engagement are a group of people from all sorts of backgrounds with a wide range of skills and experiences with a passion for public involvement in science and research.
  • Grand Challenges is a project week in June each year, in which you students design innovative solutions to real world challenges with university academics and external experts.
  • The Medical Research Council Centre for Medical Mycology aims to enter into dialogue about their work with our local communities and with wider society, to enrich our own perspectives, and to raise awareness and increase understanding of the urgent issues we are tackling.
  • The Exeter Clinical Research Facility (CRF) Steering Committee Steering Committee gives opinions on research proposals, ensures CRF publications are written in plain English and also helps make decisions about the distribution of samples in CRF biobanks.
  • The Peninsula Public Involvement Group (PenPIG) is a user led advisory group made up of members of the public, service users and carers. Members of PenPIG ensure the group PenCLAHRC conducts research relevant to the public.
  • The Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health aims to to ensure that at all stages, the Centre’s research is influenced, created, conducted and engaged in with and by people whose lives are affected by the research and its outcomes, on the basis of mutual and reciprocal respect.

Funding for orgainsations outside the university:

The University of Exeter’s Public Engagement Strategic Advisory Group (PEG) brings together members of the university with members of the public and people from external communities and groups who are interested in the design, conduct and sharing of research in a variety of ways. The PEG External Members Working Group is co-developing an approach to working in a meaningful way with other external members.