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Community Liaison Manager

Rory Cunningham is the Community Liaison Manager for the University, promoting positive relationships between student residents and permanent residents living in communities surrounding the Streatham and St Luke’s campuses.

This role evolved from ongoing partnership work of the University, Exeter City Council, Devon and Cornwall Police and Exeter's Students' Guild.

Tel 01392 723721

Community Engagement Team

To raise queries with our Community Engagement Team (non emergency)
Phone 01392 723721 Email communityengagement@

Estate Patrol Exeter

The University's Estate Patrol provides a 24 hour service on campus. They deal with matters of security and safety and can be called to report or discuss off-campus incidents involving students. Estate Patrol can be contacted at any time on 01392 263999.

You can find out more information on the Security webpages.

The University in the community

We understand that social differences between student residents and local residents can sometimes cause tension. We believe that such tensions can be resolved when there are more opportunities for communication and meaningful engagement. The University's Community Liaison Manager works to enhance relationships with local communities.

This section of the website describes some of the ways our Community Engagement Team support students to integrate positively when living in private accommodation. We work in close partnership with the City Council, the Police, Resident Associations and other community groups, to promote positive engamement. We also invest in a series of projects and campaigns, like the glass-caddy scheme and the end-of-year waste collection scheme 'Students on the Move', as well as a range of ongoing initiatives like community gardening, litter-picking and 'meet your neighbour' events.

If you have any questions about the work we do or would like to raise a concern that we can explore, please contact the team at any time, please call or email 

Community Engagement News

Moving out of your accommodation? Use Students on the Move to get rid of your stuff.

The hugely successful clear out campaign has returned to support students moving out of accommodation (private, university managed and large block) in term 3.

There are many free services that you can use to take the stress out of moving out.

Please note that some services are available for certain accommodation types, so please read these carefully.

Available for all

Charity donations

British Heart Foundation, Turntable and CoLab are few of many charity organisations in Exeter that can accept arrange of items that you would like to get rid of. Pay attention to their item donation requirements as some charities can only accept specific items.

Food donations

Have you got excess/unwanted food in your cupboard that you no longer want or wish to travel back home with? 

You could donate items to the new Community Fridge at the Library on Streatham Campus – open 24 hours.

They do accept: sealed packed foods, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, table sauces, pastry, unopened pasteurised milk and yoghurt, unopened fruit juices, salads and eggs.

They don’t accept: cooked food from home, bean sprouts, cooked rice, raw milk cheeses, unpasteurised (there’s a typo of this word on the PDF version) milk, pates (uncapitalise the word on PDF), products that contain any of the above ingredients, unlabelled (another typo on PDF) multiple ingredient products.

For more information about the Community Fridge please go to:


For University managed accommodation only

Your halls of residence will have their own help to move out campaign to help you move out of university halls of residence. Click here for more information.


Private accommodation only

Free refuse collections

If you live off campus and aren’t moving out on bin day, you can use our free grey waste ‘email-for-collection’ service.

Collect a ‘Students on the Move’ green envelope from the reception areas at the Streatham and St Luke’s campuses, Guild Information Points and Student Hubs (AVAILABLE AT THE END OF MAY). Each envelope contains an informative leaflet on all available free services with 5 collection stickers. The stickers in your ‘Students on the Move’ envelope allow you to mark your refuse for collection between your normal collection times. These collections will take place every Monday and Friday on these dates: June 3, 7, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28 and 1, 5, 8 and 12 July.

Please see the full sticker instructions on the back of each sticker. And remember – collection spaces are limited and issued on a first-come first served basis. So be organised!

No stickers yet? Email at least two days before your booked collection.

Glass caddying

If you don’t live near a recycling bank or don’t have a car, you can book for a glass collection from our Community Engagement Team. Email ‘Glass’ with the first line of your address and the desired collection dates to 3, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24 June and 1, 8 July.

You must be home during collection time, or we may not be able to collect your glass waste. The team will then recycle your glass for you. Please carefully read our confirmation email so you pack and present your glass safely for the team.

Become a Community Engagement Officer

Supporting our local communities and staying safe has never been a greater priority. Do you want to be part of an innovative team, supporting students and working in the local community? Are you interested in a flexible, part time job that provides experience in working with community organisations?

We are currently seeking to recruit Community Engagement Officers to work with our Community Liaison Team throughout 2024/25.

Find out more about how to become a Community Engagement Officer on Handshake or email us. Deadline for applications: 20 May 2024.

Please continue to be considerate of your neighbours

Please continue to be mindful of noise levels, as you may have neighbours with young families, or early morning work commitments. 

If arranging a gathering, it is important to socialise safely and considerately by consulting the noise section of the Community Guide (pages 26-29). Noise in the street can carry and have a big impact on all our community. Consider those who need to sleep, particularly during the week.

Please also be mindful with household waste as rubbish bags left outside can attract vermin who will attack bags and spread waste across the streets, particularly if there is food waste inside.

Check the iExeter bin app for council collection dates at your address. You can also download your bin calendar on the council website.

House hunting tips

Looking for a property to live in next year? Finding somewhere to live in the city can be tricky.

You can find lots of information and resources through the University's Move Smart Campaign and our other pages here: Community- Students' Information, Accommodation Team, Student's Guild.

There are lots of support teams ready to help you find accommodation.

Volunteering opportunities available

For those interested in volunteering there are loads of options both on campus and in the city that you can join (for free!):

  • Community Garden at Streatham campus: Meet every Wednesday and Saturday. Contact the team to find out where on campus they are.
  • St Luke’s Volunteer Garden (SLUG): The garden group are looking for volunteers every Wednesday (between 12 – 2pm). All staff and students are welcome. This hidden gem is located at the rear of the Medical School
  • Polsloe Community Association: Litterpick, plant swap and park care. Every first Sunday of the month at Priory Road Park (2pm start). Please meet by the noticeboard. Next gathering is 5 May. 
  • For Student Volunteer Week- join the Exeter Student Volunteers Society with their upcoming events here.
  • Bury Meadow Park gardeninggardening volunteers are needed on the second weekend of every month. Dates available: 11th & 12th May, 8th & 9th June, 13th & 14th July. Times: Saturdays meet at 3pm, Sundays meet at 10am (both by noticeboard/ entrance on New North Road side)
  • For more information other pop-up volunteering opportunities or community events, please contact

Community Engagement Team

The Community Engagement Team encourage the integration of students as active citizens and facilitate the work of the Community Liaison Officer. Community Engagement Officers work closely with the Students’ Guild, local Police and City Council to support fellow students living off-campus.

There are three Community Engagement Officer teams. The Exeter East, West and Central Teams provide a supportive presence to students living across the wards of St James, St David's, Pennsylvania, Newtown and Polsloe.

Community Engagement Officers conduct 'walkabouts' in their area, signpost students with community queries, attend community meetings and develop termly community projects. They also facilitate ongoing campaigns and initiatives, including the end of term 3, Students On The Move refuse removal scheme. They can help to security-mark your valuables, stencil your property number onto your bin and they also run a glass caddying scheme at the end of each term to help collect and recycle your glass.

Community Engagement Officers have access to the Community fund, financing projects that bring students and permanent residents together. 

Local Community Engagement Officers wear branded Community Engagement Officer jackets, hoodies and polo shirts and are always happy to chat. To contact directly please email

The Community Engagement scheme has been developed and supported by the University, Exeter Community Safety Partnership, and Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.