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Community Liaison Manager

Rory Cunningham is the Community Liaison Manager for the University, promoting positive relationships between student residents and permanent residents living in communities surrounding the Streatham and St Luke’s campuses.

This role evolved from ongoing partnership work of the University, Exeter City Council, Devon and Cornwall Police and Exeter's Students' Guild.

Tel 01392 723721

Community Liaison Team

To raise queries with our Community Liaison Team (non emergency)
Phone 01392 723721 Email

Estate Patrol Exeter

The University's Estate Patrol provides a 24 hour service on campus. They deal with matters of security and safety and can be called to report or discuss off-campus incidents involving students. Estate Patrol can be contacted at any time on 01392 263999.

You can find out more information on the Security webpages.

The University in the community

We provide information and guidance for students living and socialising off-campus, also information for permanent local residents who live alongside students and have an interest in the University's development.

We understand that social differences between students and permanent local residents can sometimes cause tension. We believe that such tensions can be resolved when there are more opportunities for communication and meaningful engagement. The University's Community Liaison Manager works to enhance relationships with local communities.

The University also provides many services and facilities that are available to members of the public, contact us directly to find out more. 

Community Warden News

Please be considerate of your neighbours

As the end of term approaches, we understand that this is an important time to celebrate and catch up with friends. However, please continue to be mindful of noise levels, as you may have neighbours with young families, or early morning work commitments. 

If arranging a gathering, it is important to socialise safely and considerately by consulting the noise section of the student guide (pages 26-29). Noise in the street can carry and have a big impact on all our community. Please consider those who need to sleep, particularly during the week.

Please also be mindful with household waste as rubbish bags left outside can attract vermin who will attack bags and spread waste across the streets, particularly if there is food waste inside. Check the iExeter bin app for council collection dates at your address. The Students on the Move scheme is back in action so this would be good to use if you have extra grey waste to dispose or if you're moving out before bin day.

Students on the Move

We are excited to announce that the 'Students on the Move' scheme has returned this year in time for students moving out at the end of term. Students on the Move is a waste collection scheme subsidised by the University and in collaboration with Exeter City Council.

Operating throughout June and July each year, the scheme allows University students living in private accommodation to have non-recyclable waste collected for FREE- in addition to their normal bi-weekly collection. This scheme has helped to reduce fly-tipping and has taken the stress out of the busy 'moving out' period.

The main University, Guild Information Points and Here to Help desks (at the Streatham and St Luke’s Campuses) are issued with 'SOTM' envelopes containing collection stickers for marking extra waste. Our Student Community Wardens will also be delivering these envelopes to student houses across the city.

The stickers in your ‘Students on the Move’ envelope allow you to mark your refuse for collection between your normal collection times. These collections will take place every Monday and Friday on these dates:

6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27 June and 1, 4, 8, 11 July

Simply place stickers on each rubbish bag. Email “RUBBISH” and the first line of your address to with the desired collection date. Please send this at least 2 days in advance of the desired collection date to ensure good notice. Once confirmed, leave labelled rubbish bags outside on the evening before a collection or before 6am on the day of collection.

This scheme only collects extra 'grey' waste. We do not collect glass or other recyclable items. This service is ideal for anyone who isn’t moving out on bin day!

Email to find out more.

Our scheme also pays for two Community clear-up days for twelve streets in the St James Ward. These will occur on June 25th and July 16th. Participating streets will receive an information leaflet closer to the time.

Food donations

As part of the Students on the Move scheme, we'll be helping St Katherine's Priory gather food donations for their Community Larder.

You can donate non-perishable and perishable food items to St Katherine's Priory (EX4 7JY) on Fridays 10am- 12pm. Please bag your food items and separate perishable items to non-perishable items. Do NOT donate items that have passed their Use by date. Perishables must be unopened but non-perishables can be opened/unopened.

If you do not have a car or live within walking distance to the Community Centre, the Community Warden team would be able to transport your food items. Please contact us on available times:

Got glass? The glass caddy scheme returns

The hugely successful Glass caddy scheme has returned to transport student’s glass waste to recycling points. This collection service is only offered to students living in private housing who don’t have access to a car or don't live within walking distance to a bottle bank. 

We have some collection dates available from May to July. Contact our team for more details. Please book early to avoid disappointment- there is a limited amount of collections slots and we are on a first-come, first-served schedule. Last-minute requests will not guarantee you a collection.

Once we have confirmed your collection date, we will confirm whether you will receive a morning or afternoon collection slot. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a precise collection time.

Donate to charity

Having a sort out before you move out? Before throwing things away, remember you can donate things you no longer want, or need, through local charity shops.  Items can include clothing, electrics, furniture, etc. As part of Students on the Move, there’s a partnership with British Heart Foundation, CoLab Exeter and TurnTable. You can take your items to their stores, or book a collection via their web pages. Please check before booking collections what items each charity can accept.

Free seagull deterrent bag giveaway

Request a free seagull deterrent bag (usually costing just under £6). Hurry! We only have 100 bags available and it’s on a first come-first served order. This offer is only available to students living in the city who don't have front garden storage. “What are seagull deterrent bags?” These thick-skinned bags deter wildlife from destroying plastic rubbish bags and spilling waste into the street. It’s not single use- you can put your rubbish bags inside so when the council collection team visit, they’ll only take the rubbish bags inside and leave your seagull deterrent bag for you to use again. You can easily get one for your household by emailing “Seagull deterrent bag” with the first line of your address to We also offer a free bin stencilling service (bins with stencilled house-numbers are less likely to be stolen!) If you have any queries look out for our team or email us.

Security Marking service available to students

Keep your valuables safe with our free security marking service. Your student Community Wardens can help you register your items and provide advice on how to keep your valuables safe. This service will improve your chance of getting your valuables back if in future they are lost or stolen.
We will be occupying the Exehale room (Streatham) on 17 May and 14 June (4:30- 6:30pm). We will also be in Cross Keys Cafe (St Lukes) on these dates: 25 May, 8 June, 4 July (12-2pm). These are the final dates this year that we will offer this service so please come if you'd like this service! No need to book, just come with your phone/ laptop/ bicycle to receive this free service. You can contact our team for more information.

Student Community Wardens

Student Community Wardens encourage the integration of students as active citizens and facilitate the work of the Community Liaison Officer. Student Wardens work closely with the Students’ Guild, local Police and City Council to support fellow students living off-campus.

There are three Student Community Warden teams. The Exeter East, West and Central Teams provide a supportive presence to students living across the wards of St James, St David's, Pennsylvania, Newtown and Polsloe.

Wardens conduct 'walkabouts' in their area, signpost students with community queries, attend community meetings and develop termly community projects. Wardens also facilitate ongoing campaigns and initiatives, including the end of term 3, Students On The Move refuse removal scheme. They can help to security-mark your valuables, stencil your property number onto your bin and they also run a glass caddying scheme at the end of each term to help collect and recycle your glass.

Wardens have access to the StreetWise fund, financing projects that bring students and permanent residents together. 

Local wardens wear branded Student Community Warden jackets, hoodies and polo shirts and are always happy to chat. To contact directly please email

The Community Warden scheme has been developed and supported by the University, Exeter Community Safety Partnership, and Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.