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Our strategies

About our strategies

Our purpose is to use the power of our education and research to create a sustainable, healthy and socially just future.

» Visit the Strategy 2030 website to find out more.

A number of strategies underpin and support Strategy 2030. These supporting strategies outline how we will build on our strong interdisciplinary culture to:

  • Lead meaningful action against the climate emergency and ecological crisis.
  • Make key breakthroughs to transform human health and wellbeing.
  • Lead the progress towards creating a fair, socially just and inclusive society. 

Supporting strategies

Our sovereign strategies lead and direct our core activities to achieve our vision for the University.

Education Strategy 2019 – 2025

The Education Strategy details how we will deliver an internationally exceptional educational experience for our students and enable them to make a positive difference in the world. We will deliver this through the provision of research-inspired learning, the development of employability, empowering and engaging learners, and multi-disciplinary learning. The Success for All programme plays an important role in delivering key elements of the strategy to build an inclusive educational environment.

Global Strategy 2018 - 2022

The overarching aim of our Global Strategy 2018-2022 is to raise the University’s international reputation and support our move from being a top UK university to a truly global university. The Strategy defines how we will create a global culture and broaden international partnerships across our research and education. It supports all of the University’s strategies because their success will depend in part upon how global we are as an institution.

Research and Impact Strategy

Our research advances knowledge, discoveries and solutions to respond to local, national and global social, economic and environmental challenges. Entering the new decade, our Research and Impact Strategy‌, will bring together people to provide sustainable solutions to todays and tomorrow’s challenges. This will be underpinned and enhanced by our research culture which is open, inclusive, inspiring and ethical.

Our enabling strategies focus on creating the capability, scale, organisational excellence, facilities, resources and reputation that are critical for success.

Arts and Culture Strategy

The Arts and Culture Strategy aims to: raise the profile of creative activity at the University of Exeter; strengthen creative networks and practice; and bring more people into a shared and open creative community. We support staff and students across the four campuses, as well as build partnerships and broker new collaborations with regional cultural practitioners and organisations. Our work directly supports the aims of the University’s sovereign strategies and champions the importance of interdisciplinarity in innovation and creativity. To find out more about our programmes and resources, go to

Business Engagement Strategy 2017-22

The University seeks to build exceptional partnerships through our Business Engagement Strategy. We work collaboratively with industry on research and development, enable organisations to recruit and train talented staff, and drive a thriving innovation eco-system in the South West.

Digital Strategy 2030

We will be the most accessible and connected university destination for any user. Find out more.

Our People Strategy

Our People Strategy seeks to support the University by attracting, developing and retaining a talented and diverse workforce from around the globe. In light of Strategy 2030, our People Strategy is being refreshed to ensure it supports the strategic priorities over the coming years.

Regional Skills Strategy

The Regional Skills Strategy is being produced in recognition of the important role that the University plays in the local economies of Devon and Cornwall. The strategy will include the University’s approach to widening participation in the region, degree apprenticeships to support strategically important sectors, graduate employability opportunities in the region, student entrepreneurship and continuing professional development.


Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In addition to taking care of our natural resources, we also need to embrace environmental and biodiversity considerations at the heart of our strategy. Further to the Environment and Climate Emergency Declaration in 2019; the University has a dedicated team to address the agenda and a range of policies in place and a programmed plan of action to deliver environmental net gain and carbon net zero

Our Environmental and Climate Emergency Policy Statement outlines the University’s environmental objectives, and we are committed to aligning our agenda to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and transparently benchmarking our progress towards our goals through our Sustainability agenda.

Technical Strategy: Innovate, Sustain, and Nurture

Our Technical Strategy aims to provide expertise, equipment, facilities and spaces that optimise the power of our education and research, through adaptable and sustainable technical capability and capacity. We will do this through leading on managing and developing innovative technical environments which are adaptive to digital and technical growth, through future proofed solutions for growth and maintenance of sustainable facilities and equipment that deliver for research and education and by nurturing our communities of experts to thrive through teaching and skills development.