These core values underpin our culture. They are the essence of what is special about the University of Exeter.

Our Mission

We transform lives through the power of higher education. A leading international university, we undertake groundbreaking research and deliver a world-class student experience in a campus environment of outstanding natural beauty.

Our Values

We agreed our University values through a period of consultation which involved staff, students and alumni. These are the qualities most important to us at the University of Exeter and give focus to our everyday endeavours. We aim to give all at Exeter the opportunity to develop, demonstrate and celebrate our values.

As University of Exeter staff, students and alumni, we value:


We aim to realise our potential and celebrate our achievements.

Personal Leadership

We have a clear sense of direction and seize opportunities to be forward thinking.


Bold and enterprising, we support innovation.


We are dedicated to upholding the highest levels of integrity and the ethical pursuit of knowledge.

Working Together

Through a communicative and trusting environment, we nurture Exeter’s unique and invaluable community spirit.


We constantly challenge ourselves to do better, pursuing goals with energy and enthusiasm.


We promote and celebrate diversity, fostering equal opportunities and personal dignity.


Through education and research we are aware of the ecological limits of the planet and promote the careful use of resources.


We are resilient and receptive to change and foster a positive outlook.


We work collaboratively to create alliances across sectors and beyond borders.