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Students' information (Cornwall)

Students' information (Cornwall)

Students' information (Cornwall)

Students' information (Cornwall)

Cornwall: Students' Guide 2023/24

Getting Involved 

Moving from halls into private accommodation can be an exciting time for many students. Renting a house or flat with friends and living in the community will be a big part of your university life. Having your own place will give you much more freedom and independence, but this independence comes with a lot more responsibility. Below are a few key ideas for engaging with your community:


It is important to get to know your neighbours. We know that students who get on first name terms with their neighbours have a much better time, and they can address potential problems much sooner. 

Please remember that 'neighbours' are also the people that might live behind your house. These neighbours can also be impacted by noise if you are having a gathering and must be considered. If you are living in a flat, don't forget those who may live above and below you too!

Resident Associations

Many neighbourhoods have resident/community associations, where local residents meet regularly to discuss issues. These meetings will sometimes be attended by police, staff or local councillors. Attending your local resident group meeting would give you an opportunity to find out more about the issues affecting your community.


Each year students volunteer thousands of hours to the ‘Legends’ volunteering scheme. The Students’ Union works with a range of community partners, charities and Student Led Projects to support your volunteering ambition. Becoming a volunteer within your community can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. Volunteering also provides an important way to add valuable work experience to your CV and increase your employability.


Choosing where to live is an important decision. The Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union (The SU) can give guidance on house hunting and also on other housing issues.

There is information on University accommodation on the FX Plus website.

Cornwall Council’s website provides general information for residents that you may find useful when you live off campus. 

Bus travel

Visit the Falmouth Exeter Plus travel and transport pages for details of bus services serving the Penryn Campus.

Student support

The Student Support team is here to help you get the most out of your time at University. They can support, advise and point you in the right direction with all sorts of issues such as general student life, academic issues, living in the community, personal relationships, general worries, as well as psychological or emotional concerns and mental health difficulties.

Campus Security: Campus Security provides security services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - contact security on 01326 255875.

Estates & Facilities Help Desk: The helpdesk is where you can report faults or request maintenance or facilities services. It is monitored between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday. If you have a residences issue outside of these hours, it would be best to speak to the staff in Glasney Lodge.

International student support

The International Student Exchange and Support Office can offer a range of advice and assistance to international students on a wide number of issues. Call 01392 263018 or visit the International Student Support website.

Health service

While you are a student we strongly recommend you register with a local doctor (GP) in Cornwall. The Penryn Surgery is the closest doctors' (GP) surgery to campus. You are still able to see your home GP surgery as a temporary patient outside term time but to ensure a quick response to any healthcare needs, we recommend your main surgery is at University. For information on the surgeries available in the local area visit the Health and Wellbeing pages.


The chaplaincy team provides pastoral and spiritual care for students and staff of all faiths and none. For further information, visit their webpage or you can send an email to or call 01326 370744.

The SU Advice Service

The SU Advice Service can give you free, confidential, impartial advice and guidance. Find out more on the SU website. 

Further student support services

See Services and Support in our current students’ site.


Before you leave the house for the holidays check the following things:

  • Check that all windows and doors are locked and secure. If they are not, and you are burgled while you are away, your insurance may not cover you.
  • Ensure you have taken all valuable possessions with you. If you can’t, consider putting them in storage while you are away for peace of mind.
  • Keep all valuables out of sight as it could attract thieves if they can be seen when looking in a window.
  • Consider getting a timer for a light as it gives the impression that someone is in.
  • If your bedroom is on the ground floor, or is easily accessible, shut your curtains so that thieves cannot look in.
  • Security mark all valuables. Using a UV pen, mark your valuable items such as your laptop with your name and home postcode. Once you have done this you can register your items for free at, ensuring your items can be easily traced back to you.
  • While you are away, make sure you do not leave spare keys anywhere obvious. Equally, ensure when you leave the property, that your keys are kept securely on you.
  • Consider telling your landlord or estate agent when the property will be empty so that they can keep an eye on it.
  • Check any streetlamps outside your property or nearby are working and report them to the council if they are not. They can often deter thieves.

Have you shut down your house properly?

  • Are all taps turned off?
  • Are all lights turned off?
  • Are your bedroom doors locked if this is possible?
  • Are you leaving the heating on while you are away? Are you turning it off completely? Does it specify in your tenancy agreement whether to do so?
  • Do you know which housemate is leaving last? Consider reminding them to consult the checklist before they go.

Safety when you are home alone:

  • Remain vigilant when walking to and from your property. Tell friends, family members or estate patrol that you are leaving and tell them where you are. Make sure to tell them when you are safely home.
  • Download the ‘SafeZone’ app. This allows you to report non-emergency situations such as disturbances, mental health related issues or suspicious activity. It also allows you to contact Campus Security or the emergency services directly by just clicking a button.
  • If you are the only one staying at the property, consider leaving a light on when you leave and conduct all the safety checks mentioned above. This includes locking and securing all doors and windows, keeping valuable items out of sight and closing curtains.
  • If you are going to be alone in Cornwall over the Christmas period, please contact the University to tell them so that they can help and support you.

For more guidance, visit the student safety page.

Devon and Cornwall Police Student Safety Guide

Please take the time to read the Devon and Cornwall Police Student Safety Guide as it has some useful information about how to make sure you enjoy your time studying here safely. It includes advice about personal safety on a night out, securing your house and more.

If you ever need to speak to police, you can contact them online or by calling 101. Find details of your nearest police enquiry office.