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Professional Services

Professional Services

Together, our highly skilled and diverse Professional Services team enables the smooth management of the University and works in close partnership with Faculties and Departments to develop and deliver strategies and plans for our future successes. 

Professional Services Charter

Our Professional Services Charter has been interlinked to the purpose of each division and aligned with each of the University’s values. The following “We will” statements have been developed to describe the ethos of the Professional Services team here at Exeter:

  1. We will be recognised as a sector-leading Professional Services team in the UK (Excellence)
  2. We will work in partnership with our academic community to agree priorities and co-create efficient processes, policies and solutions to deliver Faculty strategies and the University purpose (Respect)
  3. We will ensure that we are visible and accessible to our communities, and we will own any issue raised with us as a single Professional Service, ensuring there are no ‘wrong doors’ (Community)
  4. We will identify and share best practice and celebrate our successes and be proud of the work we do (Discovery)
  5. We will actively seek to recruit and support the career development of all our staff and enable them to be the best they can be today and for their future career aspirations (Inclusion)

Our Professional Services principles

  1. Flexible, streamlined and resilient services - retain the focus on a single professional services team delivering resilient services with greater flexibility in its use of resources, breaking down silos with reduced hierarchy, more empowered staff and increased cross-team working.
  2. Local, accessible and responsive services – work closely with faculties with embedded PS Partners from each of the divisions represented within Faculty Executive teams; dedicated Professional Services Department/School Managers; and further aligned PS staff, taking account of scale and complexity.
  3. Academic priorities shape service plans - develop and agree joint plans with faculties, allocating resource transparently and equitably, prioritising effective delivery with reduced transactional costs.
  4. Continuous service improvement - enable organisational best practice across faculties and academic departments, continually asking how professional services can better support academic teaching, assist research activity and improve student experience as well as supporting our colleagues in the development of their careers at Exeter.