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Students' information

Students' information (Exeter)

As a student, moving from University accommodation into the community can be an exciting time. Renting a house or flat with friends and living in the community will be a big part of your university life. Having your own place will give you much more freedom and independence, but this independence comes with a lot more responsibility. The videos on this page are designed to help students living in the community. Be it interacting with neighbours, limiting noise, understanding the refuse/recycling or finding out more about the car and parking situation in Exeter, these videos can certainly help. We also show you:

Exeter: Community Guide 2023/24

Managing your money

Whether you’re just starting out at University or are returning to your studies we know you may be feeling anxious about managing your money at Uni. We have lots of information and advice to help you manage your finances, including budgeting and finding the best deals, along with details of all the support available to help you if you’re struggling. See the cost of living pages on our website at:

Living off-campus: Academic calendar 2023/24

Download our Academic calendar 23/24 wall planner which is full of useful information.‌