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Getting involved with your community

Moving from halls into private accommodation can be an exciting time for many students. Renting a house or flat with friends and living in the community will be a big part of your university life. Having your own place will give you much more freedom and independence, but this independence comes with a lot more responsibility. Below are a few key ideas for engaging with your community:


It is important to get to know your neighbours. We know that students who get on first name terms with their neighbours have a much better time, and they can address potential problems much sooner. The 'Hello' card may also help you make connections with neighbours who are still concerned about Covid-19 and may not always be able to talk directly.

Please remember that 'neighbours' are also the people that might live behind your house. These neighbours can also be impacted by noise if you are having a gathering and must be considered. If you are living in a flat, don't forget those who may live above and below you too!

Resident Associations

Many neighbourhoods have resident/community associations, where local residents meet regularly to discuss local issues. These meetings will sometimes be attended by police staff or local councillors. Attending your local resident group meeting would give you an opportunity to find out more about the issues affecting your local community. Contact Rory Cunningham if you would like to know more about residents groups in your area.


Students already involved in many volunteering projects throughout the city with help from Exeter Student Volunteers - the student volunteering organisation within the Exeter University Student's Guild. Becoming a volunteer within your community can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. Volunteering also provides an important way to add valuable work experience to your CV and increase your employability. 

Community projects

Establishing your own community project would provide a great opportunity to get involved in your local community. The Community fund (Exeter) can be accessed by students, community organisations and local agencies to develop innovative projects that encourage social harmony between students and permanent local residents.

The scheme was officially launched in January 2009 – application details are available on our Community Fund webpage or by post. It is recommended that you speak with Rory Cunningham to discuss your application before applying.

Please take the time to read the Devon and Cornwall Police Student Safety Guide as it has some useful information about how to make sure you enjoy your time studying here safely. It includes advice about personal safety on a night out, securing your house and more.

If you ever need to speak to police, you can contact them online or by calling 101. Find details of your nearest police enquiry office.