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Your trusted Degree Apprenticeship partner

At the University of Exeter, our collaborative approach to Degree Apprenticeships seamlessly integrates partners and top-tier academic excellence with real-world work experience, empowering learners to thrive and organisations to prosper.

Our Degree Apprenticeships are built upon a strong foundation of partnership, with the employer and University working seamlessly together to ensure a future-ready, motivated workforce. Flexibility is a key aspect of this partnership, as we offer a range of options from existing ‘open’ Degree Apprenticeship programmes to customised pathways that precisely meet specific needs of employers.

With a reputation for unwavering excellence and reliability, the University of Exeter has a remarkable track record in the successful delivery of Degree Apprenticeships. Moreover, we are proud to offer the largest Russell Group apprenticeship portfolio.

We work with both UK-based and global organisations to address skill deficits, ensuring that our curriculum aligns with current and future demands of the workforce. Discover how by partnering with us, you can create a future-ready workforce equipped to shape a dynamic future, transforming your organisation and diversifying your workforce.

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Build your future-ready workforce

We’re redefining Degree Apprenticeships by bringing top-tier academia and organisations together so all learners can emerge future-ready.

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Information for employers

See how we can help you invest in upskilling your people and attract new talent via progression routes.

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Information for aspiring apprentices

Discover why a Degree Apprenticeship is right for you.

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Our programmes

Level 4, 5 & 6 (Undergraduate) and Level 7 (Postgraduate) Degree Apprenticeships available.

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Teachers, parents and supporters

Information about Degree Apprenticeships to help guide you on the best route for your aspiring apprentice.

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Equip your
with applied skills

Our Degree Apprenticeships are built upon a strong foundation of partnership, with organisations and the University working together to effectively address skill deficits, and by ensuring that the curriculum aligns with the current demands of the workforce. We offer both existing open degree apprenticeship programmes and develop bespoke pathways tailored to specific organisational needs.

By involving learners in the process, their personal and professional development is fostered, making the entire journey a collaborative, transformative experience for all.

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Emerge future-ready

Our solutions are future oriented. Contact us now to find out how we can work together to integrate academic excellence with real-world experiences, so your employees not only excel in theory but thrive in practice.

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