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What is Environmental Intelligence?

Environmental Intelligence

Environmental Intelligence at Exeter

Our changing environment presents a series of inter-related challenges that will affect everyone’s future health, safety and prosperity. Environmental Intelligence is the integration of environmental and sustainability research with data science, artificial intelligence and cutting-edge digital technologies to provide the meaningful insight to address these challenges and mitigate the effects of environmental change.

Discover our UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Environmental Intelligence and new Centre in Environmental Intelligence for Air Quality and Climate Change.

Latest Environmental Intelligence blog articles

» Earth and climate science

Modelling the climate system to address the challenges of climate change and understanding the Earth as a whole system, including the atmosphere, ocean, land and ice sheets.

» Adaptation to climate change

Understanding the impacts of climate change and informing possible pathways to a sustainable future through mitigation, adaptation and geoengineering.

» Environment and human health

Using data to identify the environmental impacts on health and developing solutions to the challenges of environmental and climatic change.

» Biodiversity and ecosystem health

Responding to human impact on the Earth’s ecosystems and understanding the critical balance between humanity and nature.