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Research and Innovation events

Our events range from small, internal seminars to large-scale research conferences and presentations. We also regularly host research VIPs (eg, national Research Councils) and large industrial stakeholders.

If you looking for advice on how to run an event, please visit our Event Planning Toolkit pages.

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24 - 25 June 2021

British Association for Lung Research 2021 Conference

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25 June 202110:00

Research Ethics Conference

Ethics has never been as important as it is now. The world we live in is changing at a dramatic pace and we must maintain rigorous and critical ethical practices of the research journey. But what exactly is ethics and what does it mean to conduct ethical research?. Full details
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30 June 202113:00

How can we effectively and successfully improve social mobility locally?

Recognising the significant gaps around education achievement, progress and aspiration within our most deprived communities and amongst the hardest to reach individuals, the Heart of the South West Skills Action Plan includes a commitment to develop a dedicated Social Mobility and Inclusion Programme. Full details
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5 July 202113:00

Viruses of microbes - key players in anything from ecosystem functioning to human health and disease

Bacterial viruses (phages) shape the composition and evolution of microbial communities in nature and therefore play important roles in ecosystem functioning. This view stems from the 1990-2000s which revealed high viral abundance, diversity and virus-induced mortality in aquatic ecosystems as well as an association between collapses in bacterial density and peaks in phage abundance. The recent surge in metagenomics analyses has provided deeper insight into the abundance, genomic diversity and spatiotemporal dynamics of phages in a wide variety of ecosystems, ranging from deep oceans to soil and the mammalian digestive tract. However, the causes and consequences of variations in phage community compositions remain poorly understood. I will discuss our current knowledge on the composition and evolution of phage communities, as well as their roles in controlling the population and evolutionary dynamics of microbial communities in natural ecosystems and the human microbiome.. Full details
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6 July 202112:30

The future of the rural economy and nature recovery in the South West

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, the UK government has taken steps to set its own agricultural policy via the proposed Environmental Land Management scheme (ELMs), which will be managed by DEFRA. The scheme aims to focus entirely on environmental benefits, providing financial rewards and incentives to landowners for their efforts to deliver: • clean and plentiful water • clean air • thriving plants and wildlife • protection from environmental hazards • reduction of and adaptation to climate change • beauty, heritage and engagement with the environment. Full details
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7 July 202114:00

CLES Global Lecture: Life Below Water: Changing the Soundtrack of the Ocean

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14 July 202110:00

Climate change and health: Societal vulnerabilities and opportunities

Multi-disciplinary networking event for research staff at GW4 universities to meet and collaborate on Climate and Health research. Full details
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21 July 202112:00

Introduction to Research Ethics Course

This session is relevant for all researchers, regardless of career stage, and for new Departmental/Discipline Ethics Officers, Research Ethics Committee members, reviewers and administrators.. Full details
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16 September 202113:00

NHS Ocean Virtual Launch

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27 September 202113:00

#esiStateOfTheArt talk by Dr Laura Newsome

To be updated nearer the event. Full details
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