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This year's Soapbox Science Exeter

When: 11th June 2022

Time: 12-3pm

Where: Piazza Terracina, Exeter Quayside

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Soapbox Science talks

Soapbox Science at Exeter

Soapbox Science

Soapbox Science showcases the research of women who are making significant contributions to the scientific community.

The event, which takes place each summer, follows the format of London Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner, this year transforming Exeter Quayside, Piazza Terracina, into an arena for public learning and scientific debate; creating a dynamic and bustling atmosphere and learning environment for all.

You can visit the Soapbox Science website for more information about Exeter’s and other events taking place across the globe. You can also keep up to date with our event on Twitter using @SoapboxExeter and #ExeterSoapbox

Soapbox science Exeter 2022 speakers


Soapbox Science is not just about the speakers. Without a supportive team of committed, enthusiastic people, a Soapbox event simply cannot happen. Each event relies on an animated team of up to 20 volunteers. Volunteers play a crucial role in rounding up the public, chatting to them informally about science, supporting the speakers by managing props and helping to calm any pre-box nerves (even the most experienced speakers get a bit jittery!) as well as handing out Soapbox goodies to lucky audience members!

Another important role of the volunteers is gathering data so we can effectively monitor the success of the event: volunteers carry out the bulk of our streamlined evaluation process, through interviews, observations and counting footfall.

We ask you to commit to attending the event. You’ll need to turn up 1.5 hours before the event starts for a briefing and training. You’ll need to stay until up to an hour after the event ends, to help clear up. There will also be a post-event celebration with the speakers following the clear up! We’ll send you a volunteers information pack beforehand, with the contact details of your local organisers, and details on what role you’ve been allocated and at what time.

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