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Social inequalities across communities

Social inequalities
across communities

At the University of Exeter, we are using innovative and interdisciplinary research methodologies across Humanities and Social Sciences to understand, explore and address social inequalities that exist across communities.

Our academics from diverse subject areas including History, English, Politics and Sociology are working together to apply interdisciplinary methods to explore and understand the historical context of inequalities that remain in contemporary society. Only by understanding this context can we meet the challenge of addressing the inequalities as they exist today.

Addressing Injustice within Society

At the University of Exeter, we believe that the changes needed to redress the inequalities of the world require us to work in innovative and interdisciplinary ways.

We are harnessing our research expertise in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences to consider inequalities across a number of communities and identities including; women, LGBTQ+ communities, migrants, and ethnic minorities. If we engage and collaborate with these communities better, the history behind social injustice can inform the research needed to empower true progress.

This exploration reinvents the tried and tested research toolkit and breathes new life into the work to address inequality. From the portrayal of women in Shakespeare, to the powerful legacies of sexology still felt by LGBTQ+ communities and the damaging inequalities that are inherent in immigration policies.

By broadening the scope, shifting the lens, and sensitively approaching the most impacted of our society, we can employ new methodologies designed to alter perspectives. We’re uprooting the cultural paradigm where it has become entrenched and engaging our world-leading researchers to expose and address these tired social injustices.

The world stands to gain when we can harness the benefits of equality. By enhancing the methodological diversity of research across our global network of colleagues, we can discover, through innovation, partnerships, collaboration, and cultural exchange the breakthrough ways to tackle the fundamental issues facing humankind.

"The Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Exeter work collaboratively to dig really deep into our understanding of social injustice, enabling us to bring creative approaches to addressing and resolving some of those challenges."

Professor Jo Gill
Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean

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