Mr Mohammod Mostazir

Mohammod Mostazir

I am a Research Fellow in Statistics providing statistical consultancy/analytical support across various departments within the university (2013 to at present) but primarily within the College and Life and Environmental Sciences (CLES). I previously worked as a statistician at University of Plymouth in a longitudinal childhood-diabetes study (2011 to 2013). Before that, at City University, London, I was an analyst for infectious disease (HIV/AIDS) research on Sub-Saharan African countries. Here at the Exeter University, I provide statistical support for research design, grant applications, power/sample size calculation, data analytical support for linear/polynomial multilevel models, Generalised Estimating Equation (GEE) models, survival models, binary/count models, Instrumental variable/mediation/structural equation models, Bayesian models etc. Over the years I have developed a deep interest in statistical methods for handling non-adherence in Randomised Control Trilas (RCTs) and my analytical support is conclusive to these areas. Please get in touch if you need statistical support for your research given that the prospective work will have a measurable output. Please visit my publication page to see various studies across the university I supported so far.

Statistical programming language: Stata (Preferred), R, SPSS (exclusively to support students)

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MSc in Statistics (City University London, 2008)

PHD thesis (yet to be submitted):  "Statistical methods for handling non-adherence in Randomised Control Trials (RCTs)"