Environment, Sustainability and Food Security

Our researchers work with partners to provide solutions in ecology; biodiversity and conservation; agriculture; aquaculture and food security; environmental economics and policy; sustainability; development and circular economy; water; environmental risk and resilience; climate change; and environmental data and analytics.

Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation

Our work on ecology, biodiversity and conservation is broad and varied, covering both land and marine, fauna and flora.


We work with industry to research and inform sustainable water supply, waste management and flood risk management.

Environmental Risk and Resilience

The impacts of environmental risk are felt globally and will only increase in the face of climate change, urbanisation, and population growth.

Environmental Data and Analytics

Environmental data and analytics increasingly influence day to day decisions across a wide range of sectors.

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Food Security

Food security is a major societal challenge.

Environmental Economics and Policy

Working with the public and private sectors, we apply world-leading research in areas such as the management of natural capital, ecosystem services, and rural policy.

Climate Change and Environmental Futures

Environmental change, including climate change, represents perhaps the defining challenge of our time.

Sustainability, Sustainable Development and Circular Economy

Corporate social responsibility and responsible business practices are increasingly important in developing sustainable business plans.