Research Integrity

image poster small‌The University seeks to promote the highest standards of scientific, scholarly and professional integrity and to give due consideration to the ethical, social and environmental issues arising from its activities and actively working to ensure that research integrity is embedded in the University’s research culture and environment. 

We are committed to acting in accordance with the principles described in the Concordat to Support Research Integrity and have developed the Research Ethics Framework which aims to maintain the safety, rights, welfare and dignity of all members of the University and their research participants, and to maintain public trust. The Research Ethics Framework works alongside, the Concordat to Support Research Integritythe University Ethics Policy and the Code of Good Practice in the Conduct of Research. Find out more about University of Exeter's work on promoting research integrity in our Statement on Research Integrity 


For more information on any aspect of research integrity, ethics or research governance, please contact Gail Seymour or the Research Integrity, Ethics and Governance team.