Professor Linda Clare works with people with dementia to understand what helps them to experience a good quality of life and live well with the condition.


Dr Anne Corbett describes the PROTECT studya large, online platform for research to help people live healthier lives in older age.

Healthy ageing and risk factors

Our research aims to improve the lives of older people by finding ways of reducing the risk of developing cognitive impairment or dementia and understanding the causes and consequences of disease in later life.

We use large-scale observational, epidemiological and intervention trials to robustly establish which factors make a difference.

We know that a wide range of lifestyle factors can influence the risk of developing dementia. Our research is helping to establish how the choices we make and the activities we engage in can help to maintain cognitive health. We are also researching how interventions that do not involve drugs can affect our biology. This means we can develop recommendations and programmes aimed at maintaining cognitive health and improving well-being in later life. 

Healthy ageing and risk factors - primary investigators

Professor Linda Clare        Professor of Clinical Psychology of Ageing and Dementia Ageing, cognitive health, living well with dementia, wellbeing, age-related disability, rehabilitation, dementia, dementia care
Professor Clive Ballard Professor of Age-Related Diseases Dementia, antipsychotic medications, non-pharmacological interventions, cognitive health, neuropsychiatric symptoms, dementia care, clinical trials
Dr Anne Corbett Senior Lecturer in Dementia Research Dementia, dementia reduction, drug discovery, clinical trials, care home research, clinical trial delivery, online research, translational research, patient and public involvement
Dr Siobhan O’Dwyer  Senior Lecturer (Ageing & Family Care) Wellbeing of older adults and family carers, resilience, suicide and homicide risk family carers in dementia, non-pharmalogical approaches to dementia care, social media
Dr David Llewellyn Senior Research Fellow in Clinical Epidemiology Risk factors of dementia, vascular and metabolic pathways
Professor Chris Hyde Professor of Public Health and Clinical Epidemiology Test evaluation, tests for Dementia, diagnosis, tests, testing, screening, cognitive assessment, accuracy, diagnostic test accuracy.
Professor David Melzer Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health Epidemiology, big health data and dementia, treatment patterns of co-morbidities in dementia in primary care records, risk factors for delirium, Genetic variation and ageing, iron overload and dementia.
Dr Joao Delgado  Research fellow  Comorbidity
Dr Giordano Pula Senior Lecturer in Vascular Biomedicine  
Professor Paul Winyard Professor of Experimental Medicine Analytical biochemistry, proteomics, oxidative and nitrative stress, inflammation, diagnostics and experimental therapeutics

For more information, visit the website for our Centre for Research in Ageing and Cognitive Health (REACH).