Juliet Osborne

Juliet Osborne

An overarching aim of my research is to conserve and promote bee populations

Juliet Osborne, research

Research Group

Research Fellows: Pete Kennedy, Emma Pilgrim, Associate Research Fellows: Ros Shaw, Matthias Becher and Grace Twiston-Davies

PhD student: Jack Rumkee   Jessica Knapp

Technician:  Vicky Mallott


Insect Ecology

Tenerife Field Course

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Professor Juliet Osborne

Chair in Applied Ecology


My research looks at how insects and plants interact within the environment, and their role in the provision of ecosystem services. My work includes the study of pollination and pest regulation in crops. I am particularly interested in conserving and promoting bee populations, and protecting and promoting wild flower and crop pollination. To achieve this, I work closely with beekeepers, farmers and conservation organisations.

I am also a member of the Biosciences department in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

You can find out more by watching a two-minute video of me explaining my work.

Research publication titles

Research interests

  • Insect behaviour and ecology
  • Impacts on pollination in farmland
  • Insect movement patterns across the landscape
  • Use of radar to track individual flying bees and butterflies
  • Effects of interactions between diseases and foraging patterns on bee populations
  • Modelling impacts of multiple stressors on bee populations

Current projects

  • An integrated model for predicting bumblebee population success and pollination services in agro-ecosystems
  • BESS initiative: biodiversity and the provision of multiple ecosystem services in current and future lowland multifunctional landscapes
  • Impact and mitigation of emergent diseases on major UK pollinators
  • Honeybee population dynamics: integrating effects of factors within the hive and in the landscape
  • Case PhD studentship: modelling honeybee colony and foraging dynamics for pesticide risk assessment


1994 PhD in Pollination Ecology (University of Cambridge)
1989 BA Natural Sciences (University of Cambridge)


2013 Chair in Applied Ecology, University of Exeter
Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter
2008-2012 Programme Leader & Deputy Scientific Director of the Centre for Soils & Ecosystem Function, Rothamsted Research
2006-2008 Principal Investigator, Rothamsted Research
2002-2005 Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, Rothamsted Research
1995-2002 Postdoctoral Researcher, Rothamsted Research

Contact details

Email j.l.osborne@exeter.ac.uk
Telephone +44 (0) 1326 259474
Building Environment and Sustainability Institute
Room 2.34
Address University of Exeter
Penryn Campus
Cornwall TR10 9FE