Key contacts

Project Manager
Andy Coleman MRICS


May 2018 - work starts

Oct 2018 - completion


Physics Tower Maintenance

Essential repairs and improvement works are scheduled to take place on the Physics tower block, Streatham campus, from May to October during the 2018/19 academic year.

There is a need to update the exterior of some of the tower block and to install new windows throughout the building which will help to extend the life of one of our most prominent features on Streatham campus and provide an enhanced working environment for students and staff using the building.

Work will also be undertaken on the roof of the tower block to add insulation and renew the roof coverings which will decrease our carbon emissions and reduce energy costs.

The programme of work is expected to begin in spring 2018 and will last for approximately six months.

We recognise the importance of safeguarding the research activity taking place, and the Estate Services team will be undertaking tests to explore how noise and vibrations travel throughout the tower block and adjacent building. The results of this investigation will be used to ensure any disruption to research activity and teaching is kept to a minimum wherever possible.

The work is currently in the early stages of planning and design, and staff will have received email updates regarding some of the exploration tests taking place.

As the project progresses and we are able to provide more information, colleagues and students will be informed of how and when they will be impacted.

Once work commences, there will be regular updates on this website and these will also be communicated to colleagues and students directly impacted.

The Estate Services team are working closely with colleagues in CEMPS to ensure the project runs smoothly and the impact of the work is managed carefully and considerately.

All works will be undertaken by a third party contractor and their nominated sub-contractors, and as part of the tender process, there will be clear restrictions and constraints on methods of construction outlined to ensure the disruption to building users is limited.

If you have any immediate questions, please email Lisa Littlechild.