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Children at a primary school in Exeter were transported back to the ancient world this week and learnt how to write the name of their school in ancient Greek, thanks to a visiting lecturer from the University of Exeter.

Dr Nicolo D’Alconzo captivated the year 4 children by explaining how modern super-heroes such as Batman, Spiderman and Wonderwoman had a surprising amount in common with ancient Greek heroes.

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Hundreds of books donated to academics trying to rebuild the University of Mosul

Hundreds of books from the University of Exeter will be sent to Iraq to help academics trying to rebuild the University of Mosul.

Sports fans invited to share memories at new Exeter City FC group

A special social group designed to encourage men over 50 to come together and talk about sports and memorabilia has been launched in Exeter.

Muireann Maguire Russian sword

Stories of Britain’s forgotten role in Russia’s Civil War on display

The forgotten role of British soldiers who died fighting trying to stop the Red Army seizing control of Russia can be seen at a new exhibition.


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