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There are many opportunities to hear from the University’s senior leaders in the coming weeks, with sessions open to all colleagues.  Hear latest updates on issues affecting the University, on our aims for this academic year, and ask any questions you may have.  Our Vice-Chancellor, and Registrar and Provost are hosting talks and the informal half-hour VCEG Question Time will also take place.  There is a variety of timings to enable as many colleagues as possible to attend.  Full details are below.

Latest news

European seabass

Fish more tolerant than expected to low oxygen events

Fish may be more tolerant than previously thought to periods of low oxygen in the oceans, new research shows.

Peatland Pixabay

Widespread drying of European peatlands in recent centuries

Many of Europe’s peatlands are currently the driest they have been in the last 1,000 years, new research shows.

Credit Toby Pennington

Bean tree plan to protect Amazon

Amazon deforestation could be slowed by planting bean trees that would keep soils fertile and help smallholders make a living.


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